Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The Tiniest Bat-Ladies Ever from Kenner's Micro-Machines MicroVerse Line 1997

These little gems were under my radar until a few years ago, and it's taken me quite a while to get them all at a decent price.  This is the kind of crossover collectible that creates a lot of secondary market inflation.  Micro-Machines collectors are a force to be reckoned with, and we all know how crazy we superhero fanatics can be.  So if you're hunting for these figures, just be patient, you'll find them cheap eventually.  These figures came spread out across three sets.  The Batman & Robin Heroes and Villians Collection (from the movie) came out in 1997 and gave us Poison Ivy and Batgirl.  The Batman & Robin Rogues Gallery (from the Adventures of Batman & Robin cartoon) gave us Catwoman and "arm up" Harley Quinn.  The final set was The Joker's Battle Headquarters (from the New Batman Adventures cartoon) and comes with "arms down" Harley.  I'm not sure exactly when these last two sets came out, but the Joker sets seems to be exceedingly rare.

The Joker's Battle Headquarters - The New Batman Adventures - Kenner MicroVerse

Batman & Robin Rogues Gallery - The Adventures of Batman & Robin - Kenner MicroVerse

Batman & Robin Heroes and Villians Collection - Batman & Robin (the Movie) - Kenner MicroVerse 1997

Time to see the whole lineup!


Time for a comparison shot.  Here are all the girls with a Batgirl Heroclix and a Poison Ivy Lego.  They're a lot tinier than I expected!


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