Sunday, November 18, 2012

Egyptian Star of TV and Comics, ISIS!

The 70's TV Star Makes Her Long Awaited Plastic Debut from DC Direct 2007

Isis has the notoriety of being the first female action heroes to star in her own live action TV series in the US.  She pre-dated Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman with her 1975 live-action television debut.  Isis was the creation of Filmation, the same company behind some of the greatest fantasy properties of the 80's; He-Man & She-Ra.  Her live-action origins in 1975 quickly evolved into comic book and cartoon appearances which carry on today.  Her origin is the typical superhero story; Andrea Thomas was a science teacher who found an ancient Egyptian amulet during an archealogical dig that imbued her with the power of the Egyptian Goddess Isis (basically a female Shazam).  After the show, she made a few appearances in the Shazam comics and soon had a solo title by 1976.  In 1978, she made her animated debut in Filmation's, The Freedom Force.  This action figure is based on one of her most recent incarnations in DC's 2006 series "52" and was released in DC Direct's 2007 series "52 - Wave 1."

The Karen Palinko sculpt is gorgeous.



Here are some stills from her 1975 Television Show, The Secrets of Isis

Here is an image of her first Comics appearance in Shazam #25 from Sept 1976 and her first solo issue from October 1976.
Here is a still from Filmation's 1978 Freedom Force alongside a team of historical figures.
Here are a couple Isis #1's from over the years from Alias Comics and Blue Water Comics

And here is the cover of DC's 52 - Week 12 from 2006 showing the version this toys is based on

And here is a stock image of the figure in packaging
Let's get back to this gorgeous toy.

The Egyptian details on her costume are perfect.  it's very detailed, but not gaudy or overdone.



Time for a Comparison Shot!




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