Friday, November 16, 2012

New 52 Justice League WONDER WOMAN!

The Revamped Amazon Princess from DC Collectibles 2012

I think there should have been a true vote on the pants issue.  I wanted pants!  I thought she looked so sexy and tough in all the solicit images.  But I guess some fanboys just need their bare thighs.  But I digress.  The new look is pretty cool.  It's not a major departure from her classic duds (All my non-comic book friends still know who it is after all), but it's a pretty cool variation.  I wasn't sure if I would be picking this up or not but when I saw it in the store I was hooked.  The sculpt, paint, and skintone are all great.  Mine has a slight paint rub on her hip, but that's pretty much the only production flaw.  My only disappointment in the design is the lack of articulation that we've come to expect in the past 5 years or so.   This figure would seriously benefit from (1) wrist swivels, (2) a leg swivel hidden at the boot cut, and (3) some kind of torso rotation.  She seriously has the articulation of DC Direct 10 years ago, which wouldn't bother me if she didn't cost 22 bucks.




Note the addition of the sculpted lasso on her hip.  That isn't present on any of the solicit images.

Check out that amazing sculpt by Jack Matthews.
The only accessory she comes with is a sword.  I'm a little surprized she didn't come with a figure stand.

Her hair is made from a much softer rubbery plastic than I've come to expect from DC Direct or DC Collectibles.  It enables her head to move more easily than the average long-haired female figure.

Time for Comparison Pics!



  1. I like how this figure has the just-right combination of being muscular yet feminine and has a really pretty face to boot. As a friend of mine put it, "Themyscira is a gun show!"

    1. That's a great quote! I'm eagerly awaiting the Mattel version of this costume. The factory samples showing up on ebay look good.. I have a crazy feeling they re-used Power Girl's face, but I won't be able to tell till I get her in hand.

    2. I think the DC Collectibles version looks better at this point, because the prototypes for the Mattel one show a rather long neck, but I think they might fix that up before release. I don't know, the DC Collectibles one looks more "solid", but I'd love to get a hold of the Mattel version too eventually.

    3. Everytime I see a prototype or solicit of the mattel version it looks different. I'm really curious to see what ends up on the shelves.

  2. Did they re-release her? I have this figure but her entire head and hair are different. 0.o