Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Your Favorite Space Age Maid, ROSIE!

The Jetson's Maternal Robot Housekeeper from Jazwares Hanna-Barbera Series 1

Who doesn't have a softspot for Rosie?  The loveable outdated housekeeper for the Jetson family was a constant prescence in my childhood. (Interesting fact: She was only in 2 episodes of the original 1960's series, but was a regular in the 1980's series).  I never ever thought I would be buying an action figure of this character.  She's one of those background characters that you don't realize you adore until you really think about it.  Kudos to Jazwares for including her in their first lineup.  With all the uber-popular Hanna-Barbera characters out there, it pretty surprising to see her so soon.  I can't see what the future holds for this line, I predict great, great things.  The articulation on this figure is so much better than you might assume.  She can hold just about any pose you can imagine her cartoon counterpart doing.  The only downfall with the figure is that she absolutely cannot stand up on her own.  I made a little ring out of a packaging tie to balance her for this photo shoot, but that's a temporary solution at best.  I'm not usually a fan of using poster putty to anchor figures, but I may resort to that if I can't find a better method.


 (Here's an interesting thought:  She was 45 in 2064, so that means she should be coming off the assembly line in roughly 7 years.. I'd totally buy one).


Rosie's sole accessory is a little feather duster that is meant to stick into the hole in the palm of her hand.  My duster, however, has too thick of a handle and will not fit in the hole.  I'll probably sand it down a little or try to make the anchor hole a little wider.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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