Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog's BLAZE THE CAT!

The Pyrotechnic Feline Princess in a New Sonic Comic 2-Pack from Jazwares 2012

I love a quick turnaround time.  This beautiful little figure was just solicited a couple weeks ago and I already have her in my hands.  I picked up the new Blaze & Sonic comic 2-Pack at a Toys 'R Us last night.  I don't know what it is about these characters that I find so appealing.  I haven't played a Sonic game in more than 20 years and I never read any of the comics.  But something about the anthropomorphic anime-type character designs always draw me in.   Plus the comic in this pack just exposed me to a new character that I am now obsessed with - Marina the Raccoon!  She's adorable but I won't be holding my breath for a figure.  Blaze debuted in the 2005 game Sonic Rush and became a pretty popular new character, continuing on to appear in a total of 8 games so far. The next female Sonic character we've been teased with is Rouge the Bat. Hopefully we'll see a Cream the Rabbit in this style as well. Check out my previous review of Wave the Swallow. On to the review!

The cardback is pretty awesome in it's bold blank-ness.  An unadorned cardback has a surprisingly striking affect.

(Note:  She does NOT come with a figure stand of her own.  This is borrowed from Amy)

If you've ever played with one of these Jazwares Sonic figures, you'll understand the pros and cons of the figure construction.  The joints are always so tiny and SO articulated, and the figures are usually very top-heavy.  So, all-in-all, this results in a fun, super-poseable figure with a fantastic likeness... that is entirely too delicate and unable to stand on her own.  It's a sacrifice I am more that willing to make for these little beauties though.  Less articulation or thicker limbs would lessen their appeal greatly.
Time for a Comparison Shot!



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  1. She has actually made an appearance, if you count spin-offs, in 20 Sonic games. But apart from that, I really appreciate this article for its thoroughly detailed explanation of Blaze's joints and the paint job. Thank you very much!