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Your Favorite Treasure-Hunting Were-Cheetah from Antarctic Press Toys 1998

Fred Perry's Gold Digger has the distinction of being the second longest-running, creator-controlled American comic of all time (second to Cerebus).  I fell in love with the characters, fast-paced plot, and quirky antics with the first published issue of Gold Digger #1 back in 1992.  The American manga scene was a fledgling genre at the time, with only a few standout stars in the game (Ben Dunn and Adam Warren).  Then along came Fred Perry with his sexy, funny sci-fi treasure-hunters.  I was hooked.  I lost track of the story over the years, but every now and then I'll still pick up a standalone issue just for the fond memories.  The publisher of Gold Digger, Antarctic Press, produced a small series of action figures in the late 90's based on some of their most popular titles.  I'm a big fan of this toy line and will be reviewing more in the future.  I love when a comic-based figure can really capture the look and feel of the comic, and these toys hit the mark every time.  On to the review!

Cheetah's real name is Britanny Diggers, the adopted younger sister of the main character, archaelogist Gina Diggers.  Britanny is the last full-blooded Were-Cheetah on earth, giving her a feline appearance and abilities.  The action figure came in three variations.  The standard Pink and blue outift, a limited edition Gold figure, and, my favorite, the black Stealth Variant.

(All of these in-package shots are swiped from various ebay auctions, hence the varying degrees of picture quality)

These action figure are definitely for the collector's market and definitely aren't winning any awards in the articulation or poseability departments.  But as far as artist-specific sculpts and pure fun factor, they are some of the best.

Time for a Comparison Shot!


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