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Your Pinup Princess from Dragon's Lair 3-D:  Series One - AnJon 2002

Dragon's Lair 3-D was the fourth video game in the epic Dragon's Lair series which started in 1983.  One thing that made this series stand out from the rest was the princess.  Animation for the game was provided by Don Bluth, the ex-Disney animator responsible for such non-Disney classics as The Secret of Nimh, An American Tail, and The Land Before Time.  Bluth created Princess Daphne as a decidedly more sexual character than similar damsels in distress, even reportedly using Playboy pinups as inspiration.  Needless to say this provided major encouragement for all the adolescent gamers out there.  Over the years, this property has inspired plenty of games, comics, cartoons, and merchandise, but surprisingly very few action figures.  Then in 2002, the company AnJon produced an amazing set of action figures based off the Dragon's Lair 3-D: Return to the Lair game for Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2.  AnJon did the characters justice with this high quality lineup.  On to the Princess Daphne review!



I love the sculpt of her hair.  It's very dynamic and captures and animated feel very successfully.

I like her pin-up style, cartoony look.  She reminds me of the other great animated sirens, Jessica Rabbit and Holli Would.
Princess Daphne comes with a Fire Drake, a Magic Medallion, and a Treasure Base.  I found that she was unable to stand without her base because of the position of her heels.  The base conveniently places stacks of gold coins at varying heights under her feet to level her out.  Without that, she will topple right over.

Her articulation is a bit limited, but still good for a few variations.  She has cuts at the legs, waist, shoulders, and neck.
Here are some pics of Daphne from the games, cartoon, and comics,



Time for a Comparison Shot!

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