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Akiba Yellow and Akiba Blue from Bandai's S.H.Figuarts 2012

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger is a popular spoof of the decades long Super Sentai Series from Japan (aka Power Rangers).  This 2012 parody series is geared toward adults who were fans of Sentai as children.  In short summary, the three main characters are cosplayers who fight bad guys (which are figments of their imagination), of course, the bad guys begin to take real form and the zany action skyrockets from there.  Bandai's S.H.Figuarts is an amazing high-quality, competitively priced action figure line.  The amount of detail, accessories, and poseability is unparalleled at an under-$50 pricepoint.  The prices can be inflated depending on where they are exporting to, but for the most part they are pretty reasonable for the level of collectible you're getting.  The character design in Akibaranger is spectacular.  I love the armored hair.  I love the clear chestpieces.  I love the fun alterations on the standard Sentai look.  I love it all.  Check out the full review below!

There are two girls in the three-member team, aptly named Abika Yellow and Abika Blue.

I will start with Abika Yellow

Both figures come with multiple sets of alternate hands, a gun, and three "scarves" that give different dynamic looks.



Next up is Abika Blue!


Abika Blue came with a slightly different set of hands, her scarves and gun were the same as Yellow's

Here is a photo of the team from the show
Time for some action  and group shots!




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