Monday, January 7, 2013

Lord of the Rings ARWEN (Coronation Gown)!

Arwen in her Green Coronation Gown from Toy Biz 2004

This second figure of Arwen is not nearly as detailed as the Light Up Evenstar version reviewed earlier this week, but she certainly has her charms.  This figure was released three times in 2004.  Once as a single-packed figure, once in the Elves of Middle Earth Gift Pack and once in the Coronation Gift Pack - all from the Return of the King toy lines.  The pros to this figure are that she is in scale with the rest of the females in the line and also that she is another very good likeness to Liv Tyler.  The cons are (1) really weird slippers, (2) Slightly awkward pose, and (3) inability to stand on her own.  She actually shares an almost identical body to Galadriel (although Galadriel has a sculpted sash coming down the front of her skirts).   Galadriel is barefoot and has gigantic hands in comparison to Arwen, but somehow the body in general is much more natural on Galadriel.  All that aside, this is still a great figure that deserves a place in any LOTR collection.  On to the review!

Her beaded headdress is an interesting detail.  It's just painted into her hair.  From some angles it looks really good, but from others it looks like someone cracked a dozen eggs on her head.

Her articulation is pretty limited, especially if you don't want her sleeves to be defying physics.



Time for some comparison pics!
First up are the two Arwens so you can compare the Liv Tyler likenesses.  Both are very good in my opinion.

Next up are the two body doubles, Galadriel and Coronation Arwen.

And finally a small collection of Middle Earth Ladies.


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  1. Hey I really like your post, Toybiz I feel let some of the ladies down especially Arwen as she’s so important and her looks iconic but never represented well. I’ve been going through Toybiz Lord of the Rings figures and updating them either by improving detail articulation and accessories or by just combining multiple figures to improve them and at the moment I’m working on Arwen related custom figures. I’m planking to sort all the issues with the riding Arwen but so far I’ve already made what I feel to be one of her most iconic looks.
    I just thought you might be interested!