Monday, January 7, 2013

Transformers: Animated DRAG STRIP!

2011 Botcon Exclusive Stunticon from Hasbro 2011

It took me forever to get this fabulous lady into my collection.  The toy collecting world has been plagued with exclusive females in the past few years and it will take me forever to catch up (JoeCon Daina, and SDCC Jinxes are currently high on my list).  This figure of Drag Strip was especially sought after by me because she reuses the Transformers: Animated Arcee mold which is quite possibly my favorite fembot of all time.  The original Drag Strip was a male in a team of 5 Stunticons that could combine to form the giant Menasor.  This BotCon Exclusive Stunticon set did not combine, but instead used clever repaints and retooling of existing Animated figures to create the original members.  Drag Strip was the most shocking of the reveals just because of the gender change, but I didn't hear a single complaint from the fan community because the final product was such a solid figure.  Her colors and application patterns really differentiate her from Arcee and make  a welcome addition to any fembot collection.


I'll start with some pictures of her in her vehicle form.

Drag Strip, like Arcee, comes with two removeable fins.  These fins make a lot of sense in vehicle form, but I feel that they just come across as excess kibble in robot form.  As far as kibble goes, it's not that bad, but somehow I think that it makes her seem less feminine (which is always the struggle with fembots).  She also comes with two red swords (which contrast awesomely with Arcee's blue ones)
Here she is with the fins.  The rest of the pics in this review will not have them attached.
Now here she is with them removed.  I much prefer her this way.




This figure incorporated the greatest (and simplest) feature to hit the Tranformers line since its inception.  That invention would be the transparent colored plastic that can create awesome glowing effects with some simple backlighting.  Pure genius.

Here are some pics of the original male Drag Strip and the first concept art for this revamped version.
Time for some Comparison pics!
I love the small details that differentiate the figure with simple paint apps.  Arcee's "boots" go up to mid-thigh while Drag Strip's only hit the shins.  Arcee's belt and side pouches are unified with the white paint and look formidable, while Drag Strip's look like separate accessories.  The paint of Drag Strip's cheeks changes the shape of her face and the racing strips down her chest, shins, and "wings" just add to the variations.

My attempt at a Star Wars homage.

And here they are with the 2011 NYCC Exclusive TF Prime Arcee.






  1. Nice. I wasn't sure if they had changed the gender or if Dragstrip was just a feminine male!

    Had considered hunting her down, but decided against it. Definately need to get that NYCC Arcee though, she's awesome.

    1. I had been avoiding getting her forever. I put price limits on myself for exclusives because there are just too many temptations. Luckily I'm patient and I can wait almost two years to grab one cheap.

      The pink Arcee was so cheap following NYCC'11. They were all over ebay and Hasbrotoyshop even discounted them. I see now that the prices have gone up unfortunately :\ She's a nice figure, but I think she looks better in her standard blue.