Sunday, January 27, 2013

Princess of Power NETOSSA!

Masters of the Universe Classics - Netossa - Mattel 2013

She-Ra Princess of Power has some of the best character names ever.  They are quite possibly the cheesiest monikers full of unintentional puns and very surface-level "cleverness."  My favorite name in the rebellion is Castaspella.  It's just ridiculous, but that's the charm of She-Ra.  (I must confess that cheesy names were a major part of my "Create-a-Character Contest" submissions from last year.. someday I might get over my embarrassment and post them here).  My second favorite name is Netossa.  Yes, she is a master net-tosser.  Ha!  (It's just an added bonus that my sister's name is Natasha).  The naming cleverness extended to the packaging too where she is called a "Captivating Beauty."  I'm giving my most patient and endearing eyeroll.  Seriously though, I love Mattel for making such a cheesy, fantastic character.  She's also significant for being the only Black character in She-Ra.  She appeared in 4 episodes near the end of the series.  Check out Darah's page for more info on Netossa.  Let's check out the figure below!

Netossa came with a silver and blue shield and, of course, her net cape for tossing.

Her cape is made from a really flexible rubbery plastic.

Here are a few pics of Netossa from the cartoon and a photo of her original doll from the 80's

Time for some Group Shots!

Two very blue ladies.



  1. Received my 'Viv' on Monday. She is such a beautiful figure.

    Frosta didn't have an amazing face, but Netossa has such nice eyes, lips & bone structure.

    I don't know if you follow toy forums, but Toyguru from Mattel said they will be releasing a re-coloured Bubble Power She-Ra sword for Netossa in the next weapons pack.

    Some fans like to think Netossa & Spinerella are a couple. I quite like that...adds some diversity to the group!

    I really hope we see Glimmer at Toy Fair next month.

    1. See, I really liked Frosta's face. Sure, it was weird, but it suited her cartoon counterpart. I feel like it wasn't painted quite right and I had modifed mine slightly, but all in all i was really happy. You're right though, Netossa has one of the nicest faces in this line so far. I've never picked up a weapons pack but the new sword may inspire me to do so. I'll have to re-watch their episodes and see if I catch any couple-ly vibes. I have to admit, I'm kind of fearing a Spineralla toy.. I think there's a very good chance it could look horrible.