Thursday, January 17, 2013

Transformers: Universe CRYSTAL WIDOW!

K-Mart Exclusive Transformers: Universe Crystal Widow from Hasbro 2004

Crystal Widow is an Autobot.  I know I know, good guys don't turn into venomous spiders.  But the catch is that she's a former Decepticon.  I'm a little unsure if she's from the comics, cartoon, or just toylore.  Apparently she was included in the TransTech canon, which was the cancelled successor to Beast Wars.  In short summary, she is a former bad guy who became a good guy during the Universe War and now owns a bar called the Widow's Cafe Cybertronian.. which I think has a similar reputation to the Mos Eisley Cantina.  This action figure is a repaint of the Beast Machines Deluxe Blackarachnia, which (until the Transformers: Animated figures hit) was one of the nicest fembots in the TF Universe.  I know that is a subjective claim, but I honestly think she is the first female Transformer to even remotely resemble a female.  She's had 4 repaints over the years so someone must agree with me, too.  On to the review!


I love how creepy her dangling spider-parts look.

Her spider-form is pretty great.  It's a little bit scary, very techno-organic, and really looks like a spider.

Her poseability is very good.  A lot of this has to do with her gigantic feet which can balance her in almost any position.


Here are some of the repaints of this figure.  All the photos below are from  Click any of the links below to check out the full gallery on Seiberton.


Time for some Group shots!
Here she is with the Transformers:Animated Blackarachnia and the 2011 NYTF Transformers: Prime Arcee.


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