Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Poison Ivy, Talia Al Ghul, Catwoman, and Batgirl from Hasbro 2003

This is one of those boxsets that I continually passed over at Toys'R'Us for years - only to go on a mad hunt for it after it disappeared from the shelves.  In my defense, I was not collecting animated figures at the time so this set seemed like a colossal waste of money.  In retrospect, I see that this set gave us the nicest Poison Ivy animated figure ever made, along with a long-overdue re-release of Talia Al Ghul (Originally in the Shadows of Gotham set).  The Catwoman was a straight re-release of an okay figure (but nothing to write home about), and quite possibly the worst Batgirl of all time.  Honestly though, the Poison Ivy is worth it - she's stunning (note: she also comes in the Frozen Assets box set).  This set was a Toys'R Us exclusive from Hasbro.  There aren't many DC figures out there under the Hasbro label, of course Kenner was fully merged into Hasbro by 2000, and Kenner ruled the DC licenses for many years leading up to that.  Anyway, let's check out the ladies!

I'll start with the Talia figure

Talia comes with two pistols, but she is only able to hold one.  I wish her holster was real so the second gun could be stored.

Next up is Catwoman. 

This figure had been released multiple times before and was in desperate need of an upgrade by the time this box set came out.  Her legs are posed in a action-type stance and her head looks pushed back on her shoulders too far.  It's an okay figure for the most part, but it totally looks like a 1992 figure sneaking into a 2003 exclusive set.

Catwoman comes with 2 Claw Gauntlets, a Whip, and little Kitty Cat

Next is is the beautful Poison Ivy.
I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

Poison Ivy comes with two really cool accessories: a Venus Flytrap and a Crossbow.


Okay, Finally we have Batgirl. 
I was putting this off, but I can't avoid it anymore.

Batgirl comes with a large creepy projectile launcher.  She isn't sculpted to hold anything so this just seems like a waste of plastic.

She looks craaaaazy
Okay, time for some Group and Comparison Pics.


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