Friday, February 15, 2013

Brazilian Toy Arts BATGIRL!

Brazilian Fast Food Chain Bob's Exclusive DC Toy-Arts do Mini-Figure 2013
Brazil seems to have the best fast-food exclusives.  I'm currently hunting down at least three different ones on MercadoLivre.. although "ebay-prices" seem to be a phenomenon on all sorts of commerce sites, not limited to ebay itself... *sigh.*  This current line of five Batman figure is a follow-up to 2010's Justice League (Liga da Justica) which was a rather obvious knock-off of Hot Toys' Cosbabys.  This Batman is a distinct departure from the Cosbaby-style, but there are still more similarities than differences.  These figures are unarticulated 2.75" PVC figures with non-removable bases.  They are cheaply constructed, but don't necessarily look it.  Plus they make a great addition to any super-deformed or vinyl hero collection.  I'm eagerly waiting to get my hands on a Catwoman.  I only wish they made cool fast food exclusives here in the USA.  It's been way too long since I've had a reason to go to Burger King.  Let's check out Batgirl below!






And here is the 2010 Justice League set.  Note how "Cosbaby" the faces are.

Here she is compared with the DC Direct Batgirl Cosbaby


Time for a Group Shot!