Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Go Speed Racer Go - TRIXIE!

Speed Racer's Main Squeeze, Trixie, from ReSaurus 1999

I never would have thought I would be so enamoured by an awkwardly-dubbed Japanese cartoon about cars.  But like most geeky guys I know, I caught an episode once in my adolescence and was instantly hooked.  I think a key factor in appreciating the show is being old enough to realize how goofy and weird it is, but not so old that you overlook it completely.  Speed Racer was bestowed with repetitive plots, laughably fast dialogues, and completely charming characters.  Trixie was the girlfriend of the main character, Speed.  The "M" on her shirt is the initial of her original Japanese counterpart's name, Michi (Likewise, the "G" on Speed's shirt is for his Japanese name, Go).  Trixie was a feisty rich girl who could hold her own in a fight, and conveniently owned her own helicopter with which to follow Speed's races with an eagle-eye view to report all the predictable traps, fallen bridges, rockslides, and oil slicks.  ReSaurus did a great job capturing the characters, although Trixie is a bit too pre-posed if you ask me.  Let's check her out below!

She looks great in her packaging and (I never say this) you might want to consider leaving her MIP if you get her.  She's a lot more fun to look at in this display than actually in your hands.

Her legs and arms are very oddly posed.  There are very few variations where she looks natural and even fewer where she stands properly.

I love her face.  They did such a great job capturing that wide-eyed Trixie look.

Trixie come with a lot of cool accessories:  Two racing flags, a backpack, a racing helmet, a roadmap (made of a flexible rubber), and a figure stand.

I wish the helmet fit on her head better.  It kind of sits on top of her hair.

Here are some stills from the cartoon.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

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