Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Cassandra Sandsmark from Teen Titans Series One - DC Direct 2004

I really miss the old DC Direct.  As a company, they put out an impressive array of beautiful action figures every month for more than a decade.  In my personal opinion, they produced the best looking superhero action figures of all time (I am not counting super high-end companies like Hot Toys).  This Wonder Girl figure has an absolutely stunning sculpt by the amazing Jonathan Matthews.  You would be hard-pressed to find anything like this today for under $25, but back in the heyday of DC Direct, this quality was commonplace (and honestly overlooked).  The Cassandra Sandsmark version of Wonder Girl has gone through a lot of great character development since her debut in 1996.  She started as a nerdy wannabe hero with powers derived from different magical objects, only to grow into a fierce, beautiful, courageous hero with self-contained powers bestowed by Zeus himself (who happens to be her father).  Cassie survived the New52 reboot and still has a solid place in the Teen Titans, however her powers have backtracked and are now back to magical bracelets, a bit of a downer in my opinion.   Let's check out this gorgeous figure below.

Her articulation is decent.  Ball-jointed Shoulders and Neck, Swivel forearms, Hinged Elbows and Knees, and a typical T-Crotch.

Her only accessories were the craft-string lasso and a Teen Titans base (which they creatively used as the logo in the packaging seen at the beginning of this post).  She stands great though on her own and doesn't need any extra assistance.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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