Wednesday, February 27, 2013


WWE Superstar #11 - Raw Super Show - Eve - from Mattel 2013

So far 2013 has been a crazy year for me finding WWE ladies on the shelves.  I'm not a big enough fan of wrestling to go out of my way to hunt any of these girls down, but when I see then, I can't resist their charms.  I've said this many times before, but the sculpting. construction quality, diversity of body types, and overall pricepoint make WWE easily the standout line in Mattel's current roster.  Sure, the MOTUC girls are amazing, but their only detraction is they don't fit in with other figure lines.  The DCU girls are getting a little boring with their spindly arms, too-tiny hands, bowed-legs, and sloppy QC.  The WWE lines, on the other hand, are consistently great.  I originally started buying them as potential custom fodder (since, again, I'm not an avid wrestling fan), but once I had my first figure in my hands, a Series 6 Kelly Kelly in pink, I was hooked.  Eve Torres recently retired from the WWE world, but not before winning an unprecedented three WWE Divas Championships.  Let's check her out below!


Her kneepads are rubber sleeves that I feared would inhibit her knee articulation.  They are a little restrictive, but not much  Although I wasn't pushing it because I was wary of stretching them out.

I thought she shared the same body with Kelly Kelly, but she actually has different, more muscular, legs.. which coincidentally make her taller.
Time for a Group Shot!


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