Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gladiators UK - INFERNO!

The Gladiators UK Revival's Fiery Flirt, Inferno - Character Options Ltd 2008

There have been many attempts to revive the success that was The American Gladiators in the late 80s.  One of the more recent attempts was Gladiators UK which aired on Sky1 in 2008.  The US, UK, and Australian versions of the show were all revived that year, but I believe UK was the only one that had a toy line made to celebrate it.  Inferno, played by model/wrestler Jemma Palmer, was one of an impressive nine female Gladiators on the show, and obviously had some major appeal since she was the only one made in plastic.  Too bad the figure itself doesn't do her justice at all, because she is a beautiful woman.  These figures, made by Character Options Ltd, are actually pretty impressive.  They have very unique articualtion and scale, it's just unfortunate that the face sculpt is a little homely.  This may actually be a fun one to attempt to customize - if only she weren't so hard to get ahold of here in the US (I like to have a spare if I'm going to potentially ruin a toy).  Let's check her out below!


See?  In real life, he's stunning.


Like I mentioned before, the articulation is very unique.  She has hinged knees and elbows, Ball-jointed hips, and pivots at her neck, shoulders, biceps, wrists, thighs, and waist - 14 points in all.


Here is another photo of Jemma in costume followed by a lineup of all the toys in this series.




Inferno comes with a large gauntlet stick as her only accessory.


Time for a Comparison Pic!


  1. I actually bought the full set of these. Shame there was only one wave as they had a few cool looking women performing.

    Not great figures though. Certainly not as nice as Characters Doctor Who figures.

    1. Yeah when researching the show for this post I saw the rest of the cast and it's a shame there weren't more figures. (then again, if they didn't improve their production value, maybe it was good they stopped)