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Gen13's Brainy, Brawny, Beauty - Caitlin Fairchild - D-Boy Inc 1998

And here I thought I didn't have any good action figures for a St. Patrick's Day review.  While I can't say for sure that Caitlin Fairchild is Irish, I think it's a safe bet given her fiery red hair, green eyes, and penchant for green clothes.  Gen13 was such an amazing comic in it's early days.  It doesn't sound profound when describing it; Five teens, a secret government agency, those 5 said teens having their powers "turned on" in an experiment, and an A-Team-like cat and mouse adventure ensues.  What made Gen13 stand out was really hip character design, amazing fresh art, and an overall general sense of sexiness (in a fun way, not seedy like other be-thonged comics of the times).  It was perfect for the MTV generation.  Caitlin Fairchild was the leader of the group.  She was a brainy, nerdy girl until she was made Gen-Active, at which point she became a 6'4" powerhouse with superhuman strength (not to mention a much more mature body).  Let's check her out below!

Fairchild was the only Gen13 action figure of this scale made.  It's not the greatest toy in the world.  I think they overcompensated trying to imitate J. Scott Campbell's lanky, wide-eyed artistic style.  From some angles it's pretty good, but her face looks odd straight-on and her legs have an awkward "squat" from the side.

I'm really glad the thong trend went away.  It was so ridiculous.

From a 3/4 view she looks really good.

In the accessories dept, she come with a barbell, a laptop, and a gun.

I really hope we get a classic set of Gen13 figures from Mattel.  They're getting HeroClix this year, so there must be a demand despite the New52 toss-up.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!
Here she is with Abbey Chase from McFarlane's 1999 Danger Girl series.  I think this series is the only other J. Scott Campbell-based series.


Cheers and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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