Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alienators: Evolution Continues - LT. LUCY MAI!

Alienators: Evolution Continues - Basic Figures - Lt. Lucy Mai - BanDai 2001

One thing I absolutely love about this hobby is finding cool little gems I knew nothing about.  I've been impressed with a few different Bandai figure recently and found myself doing some research into past properties of theirs.  That's where I found this beautiful lady.  Alienators: Evolution Continues was an animated series spinoff from the 2001 live action film Evolution starring David Duchovny and Julianne Moore.  The cartoon followed the same general plot as the film:  a meteor crashes in the Arizona desert carrying alien cells that quickly evolve into blobby, insectile alien creatures.  Oddly enough, comedy ensues.  Lt. Lucy Mai is the no-nonsense female member of the Alienators team.  The toys are a notable addition to my Bandai collection.  They're well made, well articulated, they have fun designs, and they're very playable.  If I would have known about them when they came out I would have been all over them.  Let's check her out below!



She has an action feature where thumbing the panel on her back downwards causes
her domed helmet to flip backwards.


Lucy comes with a lot of accessories.  A Figure base, a Devolver gun, a Tripod Stand (for the gun), a "Martial Arts Stick", and the Alienator's pet genus, Gassie.

Ths figure stand, tripod, and Devolver gun assemble together as shown in the inserts above.  If you collect all the characters, you can assemble all their accessories into the Ultimate Devolver.


The Gassie toy is really adorable.  Apparently he's supposed to make a flatulence noise when you squeeze him, but i honestly couldn't make it work.


There's a whistle in the bottom.

Heres the intro to the cartoon

Time for a group shot!


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