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Emily the Strange: Problem Child Action Figure - Toynami 2004

Emily the Strange is one of many characters that had somewhat humble beginnings as a simple company mascot only to explode into a merchandising goldmine.  Domo and Hello Kitty are prime examples of what can happen when a mascot takes on a life of its own.  Emily began as a sticker illustration advertising the clothing brand Cosmic Debris Etc, Inc, which was founded by artist and skateboarder Rob Reger, racing car driver Matt Reed and Nathan Carrico (Emily's designer).  She has since grown to become the darling of the Hot Topic generation, a fashion icon, a comic book star, and a future film bigwig (movie in production now).  These "Action figures" produced by Toynami  were released in 2004 during a particularly popular time in her life.  I put Action Figure in quotes because, despite the label on the package, these are more of a hybrid doll/figurine and hardly have any of the qualities we associate with action figures.  Nonetheless, it's a pretty great toy and a perfect likeness of little miss grumpypants herself. 

Here is an image of the second version "Armed and Strangerous" (i.e. the arms-crossed version)



It's no secret that I pretty much loathe rooted hair. But every once in a while I can accept it. This is definitely one of those times.


Emily's articulation is pretty limited.  I'm not even sure if her arm articualtion is intentional or if I broke their seal to her hips.  Her legs also rotate where they meet the torso.


Emily comes with a figure stand and Mystery the Cat


Time for a Group Shot!


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