Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dragon Booster KITT & WYLDFYR!

Dragon Booster - Kitt Raada Wonn & Her Dragon Wyldfyr - Jakks Pacific 2005

Dragon Booster was a popular Canadian CGI cartoon series from 2004.  The series combines a lot of different genres: Racing, Dragonlore, Future Tech, Fantasy, and Arthurian Legend.  Dragon Booster lasted three seasons and established a world where 5000 years of Dragon-Human interspecies tensions have grown.  There is a pending Dragon-Human war, but at the same time there are a lot of peaceful Human-Dragon interactions like the futuristic sport of Street Racing in Dragon City.  Kitt happens to be one of the best racers in the City and because of these skills is being recruited by the main character, Artha, to aid him in preventing the pending war.  Dragon Booster lasted three seasons and has quite an international fan-following.  (The hinted-at fourth season has encouraged online petitions to see its production carried-through).  The toyline produced by Jakks Pacific in 2005 is really fun.  This particular line consists of 3.75" rider figures with super-articulated dragons.  There was a smaller-scale line as well, but this one is the "deluxe" sought-after version.

(my version of this toy happens to be in French packaging)

The whole line is awesome.. check out the rest from the cardback:

Now lets get a closer look at Kitt.  She seems to have a weird facial expression and be a little awkwardly posed, but she's a really small-scale figure and she looks terrific in person.


She has one of my favorite toy hairdos ever!

Kitt comes with two accessories (plus a dragon):  A helmet and a parachute backpack.

The parachute backpack is awesome.  It's actually a functional paratrooper-toy parachute so you can toss her in the air and watch her sail to safety.

Unfortunately her hair sculpt hits the backpack and forces her into a chin-to-chest pose.

The helmet is kind of genius.  The top piece of her hair is removable and exposes a peg-hole in the top of her scalp which anchors the helmet.


Now on to Wyldfyr.  He is a boy dragon (the only girl dragon in the toy line is Decepshun - who comes with Moordryd) but he is still getting a thorough review on this blog because he's awesome.

These dragons are poseable in all the right ways.  Very "Dragon-like" yet very "racehorsey."


WyldFyr comes with a lot of accessories.  1.) a saddle for Kitt, and 2.) a bunch of pieces that assemble to form a pair of rocket boosters.

The saddle clips right onto his head.

Here he is all geared up.

My biggest complaint is that the rider figures looks really awkward when placed in the saddles.  If the necks had a wider ranger of motion so they could look outward, these would be a thousand times better.

It's amazing how many fan-made music videos there are focusing on Kitt

If you like these Dragon figures, you should check out the Dragon Flyz 2006 remakes also by Jakks Pacific.  There are a lot of design similarities.

You'll notice that a lot of the paint apps were cut from this figure and the accessories based on the cardback image (and various convention prototype pics I've seen).  Gloves, hair, helmet, sleeves, boots, pockets, the saddle, Wyldfyr's back and legs, and almost all of his accessories.

Time for a Comparison Pic!
Here she is with a Winx Tecna figure from Jakks, a Lego Poison Ivy, and a Mattel Young Justice Miss Martian.



  1. Very nice review!
    You wouldn't happen to be wanting to sell these two, would you? Kitt and Wyldfyr are impossible to find!

    1. No, I'm not interested in selling them. But to give you hope I'll tell you that I found them on ebay for $5 from France right before I wrote this review (Spring 2013). Shipping ended up being kind of expensive to the US, but overall it was worth it. If you don't already, make sure you have your auction searches set up to include International sellers. Good luck!

  2. I never kbnew this existed, or that they made new Dragon Flyz toys! Gotta check this out, thanks! The dragons look awesome.

    1. Jakks has been floundering a bit recently with their loss of a few major licenses, but they've had a lot of great products over the years that should not be overlooked. I've never seen the updated DragonFlyz in person, but the online pics look great.

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you would be willing to sell this figure? Or maybe even other DB figures if you have any? I'd be willing to pay 50+ USD. Email me at if you're interested.

  4. Hello :) I was wondering if you interested in selling this figure? I've looked everywhere on the internet for one. It's a very hard item to find.
    Cheers :)

  5. So, gotta ask, how did you even get this toy? Looking up on ebay I can only find the crappy pull-back toys, if I can find anything.

    1. I got her about 6 years ago on eBay. She was tricky to find, but at the time the other (male) characters were regularly on ebay - usually from europe. They weren't expensive either. I'm shocked at the current prices when they rarely pop up on ebay. I got her for 5 bucks (and probably $30 shipping from france).

    2. Thanks! Well, guess I need to set up a search for them, then. Which Ebay you found the toys on? German, Italian, French, you remember maybe?

    3. It was the US ebay, but searches set up for Worldwide. In my experience, you should always use the eBay for your country and set it up for Worldwide, that way you avoid sellers who don't allow international shipping.

    4. Yeah that's what I usually do, but in my experience, some items do not show up in worldwide search, only on local ebay. Noticed that for example, an italian seller I found had only 15 items listed on but like 100 on

  6. Hey, what did you search on ebay to find this figure I mean the keyword?


    1. Hmm. Good question. It was a while ago, but knowing myself it was probably a search like: ["dragon booster" wyldfire]. But the biggest part is to make sure you go into your setting and make sure your searching Worldwide. I think these were mostly in Canada, France, and England. Good luck!