Saturday, March 2, 2013

WWE Elite Collection MISS ELIZABETH!

WWE Elite Collection Flashback Series 19 - Miss Elizabeth - Mattel 2013

The 1980s saw a major explosion in the popularity of entertainment wrestling.  It was pretty impossible to avoid the bright spandex and threatening soundbytes.  In the middle of all that testosterone, there was a battle for the management of superstar Randy "Macho Man" Savage.  The winner of that (staged) melodrama was the beautiful Elizabeth Ann Hulette, aka Miss Elizabeth.  She also happened to be his wife at the time, but I'm sure that wasn't a factor in the decision.  She was sexy, classy, and a tough manager.  And it wasn't long before the angles were played toward Randy's opponents falling in love with her and creating all sorts of entertaining tension.  Fans of Mattel's WWE line have been clamouring for a Miss Elizabeth for a while now.  She previously had a figure from LJN in 1985 and from ToyBiz in 1999, but this newest version tops them all.  Let's check her out in detail below!


 I think she looks best with a "hands on hips" pose, because her hands look too aggressive when outstretched.  Luckily you can kind of hide her hands in the poof of her dress.

She's pretty poseable despite the limitation of her dress.
Her dress is closed in the back with velcro and is easily removable.  Underneath she has an unadorned white leotard.

Overall I think this is a great figure.  I love the face, the hair, the body choice, and I don't even mind the cloth outfit (which is something I usually frown upon in action figure lines).  She will make a great addition to any wrestling collection.
Time for a Comparison Pic!

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