Friday, March 1, 2013

AMC's The Walking Dead MICHONNE!

The Walking Dead (Television Line) Series 3 - Michonne - McFarlane Toys 2013

The last time I wrote about The Walking Dead, I knew nothing about it.  Since then, I've become thoroughly addicted to the show.  I still haven't cracked the comics yet (which is shocking since I'm a big Kirkman fan), but someday I'll take the plunge - which I'm sure will prompt me go out and buy all the comic-version action figures, too.  Michonne is a great character.  She's tough, mysterious, sexy, creepy, quiet, and really really angry.  I reviewed the Comic version of her early last year and was intrigued by her character design and bio.  Now that I've seen her in action I'm in love.   This action figure is absolutely amazing.  It's actually inspiring me to do a "Best of the Year" review just so I can award her the prize.  I'm glad she was the only character on the shelf in TRU when I found her, because I would have bought her pets in a heartbeat - even though I am actually really grossed out by gory toys.  I would have to lock them away and pretend they aren't in my house.  But I digress.  On to the review!



The sculpt, painting, artciulation, and accessories for this figure are flawless.  McFarlane Toys has become a force to be reckoned with.  Can you imagine the amazing toys if they got the licence for Game of Thrones?  I would die.
Michonne comes with her Katana blade and scabbard, as well as her poncho.
 The paint detail is out of this world.  The muddy hightops, the grimy lower pantlegs, even her bandana.  It's all perfect.

Her articulation is great.  Basically every joint moves with a complete range of motion.  The hinge and swivel wrists are especially nice for Katana poses.

She has very unique upper-leg/hip articulation.  It looks and functions great, but from some poses you can really see the upper "stump" of her quad piece.  All-in-all it's the best leg articulation I've ever seen in a life-like, pants-wearing action figure.

 Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way for her to wear the scabbard and her poncho at the same time. There way be a way, but I didn't have any luck.

Time for some Comparison pics!
Here is AMC Michonne with Comic Michonne



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