Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DC Comics Unlimited WONDER WOMAN!

DC Comics: Unlimited - Series 2 - Wonder Woman - Mattel 2013

The New 52 Wonder Woman has been getting a lot of play in the merchandising world.  I honestly don't even make it a point to collect Wonder Woman figures (there are way too many for me!) but despite that, this figure is my fourth version of Diana in her silver redeco.  My reasons for purchasing it were really to see how she compared to the original DCUC Wonder Woman from 2008 and the DC Collectibles Justice League Wonder Woman from 2012.  Honestly, this new Mattel version is my favorite of the three, but I think the upcoming DC Collectibles Trinity Three-Pack is going to contain the best one yet (well, not better than this one, but close).  So many Wonder Women to choose from!  Anyway, this figure is very nice, the paint apps on the face are a little garish (especially her lips), and her articulation is typically awkward for this style of figure, but beyond that, the sculpt and costume design are pretty great.  She has lots of cool details like her armband and the ribbing on her bodice.  Let's check her out below!



There is an amusing little loop hanging off her butt to hold her sword in.  I stopped reading the comic sometime this past autumn, but I'm pretty sure she didn't have anything like that in the books.  It cracks me up, but it actually seems pretty functional.  Maybe I should get one for my umbrella.

Her sword is her only accessory.  It has very interesting details carved into it.  Much cooler than the DC Collectibles sword. (Her lasso is permanently attached to her hip)
Her articulation is nothing new for Mattel; a little stiff and awkward.   Her forearms are sculpted very oddly as well and never seem to swivel quite the way you want them to.  Plus hair almost completely hinders her neck movement.  Don't get me wrong, she's still a great toy, it's just that the "18 points of articulation" shouldn't exactly be a selling point, because she only really looks right standing straight.


Okay time for the big Comparison Session
From Left to Right
DC Collectibles 2012  ------- Mattel DC Comics Unlimited 2013 ------- Mattel DCUC 2008

And here she next the to the Batman Unlimited Series 1 Batgirl figure.

Time for a Group Shot!



  1. Great group shot- your photos are a great resource! It was hard to choose between the DC Direct & Mattel New52 Wundy, but I'm somewhat partial to my DC Direct. Kudos to Mattel on the backside sheath/sling- so cute!

    1. Thanks! It was a tough call, I think they're both nice in their own ways. I DO think that new DCC Trinity resculpt is going to be the winner though.. she's stunning.

  2. Yeah, I'm with Super-Duper Toybox, the sculpt on the DC Collectibles first Wonder Woman is just vastly superior. Honestly the articulation on flesh just looks funny to me for some reason so the thigh cuts look absolutely hideous on the Mattel Wonder Woman. I do like the mini-holster sling thing in the back as far as practicality but it also looks a bit ridiculous. Diana had a black holster/scabbard type thing holding her sword in the first few comics so I fashioned one from the straps off of a Mattel Movie Masters Bruce Wayne Prototype Batman Action figure. You can see some pics at my site here: fastestfanalive.com/post/43577235850/dccnew52wonderwoman.

    I think you are definitely right about the new Trinity box set head sculpt; it looks breathtaking. Apparently the first Wonder Woman head sculpt was based on her appearance from Justice League #1, five years in the past. This new one is supposed to be her more current look. That explains the baby face that this figure seems to have.

    Great pictures!

    1. Oh yeah I forgot about that thigh holster she had. Great website! I just added it to my blogroll. I was really hoping that the solicit pics would be wrong and the Wonder Woman in the Katana 2-Pack would have the new head as well (it's happened before!), but alas, I was disappointed yet again. Interesting backstory behind her headsculpt, it's sometimes easy to forget how long these figures are in production before we ever get our greedy hands on them.