Monday, May 20, 2013


Gwendolyn Tennyson in her Alien Form - Ben 10: Alien Force - Bandai 2009

I'm a sucker for translucent action figures.  As long as there are intentional design details like paint apps or a tint gradient, they'll find their way into my collection (ie..all the boring solid clear Susan Storms don't get invited to the party).  I've never seen a single episode of Ben 10, but the awesome character designs have been getting my attention in the toy aisles for years.  As fantastic as all the figures look though, I've always been disappointed by the lack of females.  The American releases have been limited to a single character, Ben's cousin Gwen (who happens to be a human/anodyne hybrid).  Bandai has released several Gwen figures, most in her mousy redhead human form. Her full Anodite form like we see in this action figure appeared in the second incarnation of the franchise, Ben 10: Alien Force.  I was super excited to finally get a great looking girl from this series.  She took forever to find, too.  Let's check her out below!



Gwen has 5 points of articulation:  Arms, Legs, and Neck.  Simple, but effective.
She also came with a single accessory of an energy (Mana) blast.
And here are some pics of Gwen Anodite from the show.


Time for a Comparison Pic!


  1. i have a couple Ben Ten Armadrillos- great looking toys, those Ben Ten. Gwen here's a real beauty :)

    1. Ever since I wrote this I've been kindof obsessed with Ben 10 (even though I've had this figure since 2009). There are SO many figures and variants it's hard to wrap my head around them all. I have a few cool ones on my hit list already though. I'll be sure to review them when I get them! :)