Friday, May 17, 2013


Your Favorite Green Goddess - Star Trek: TOS - Wave 3 - DST/Art Asylum 2005
This has been a fun week of Star Trek reviews leading up to Star Trek: Into Darkness (which should be opening in theatres in a about 7 minutes as I type this).  I saved Vina for last because I'm a sucker for green skinned women (or blue or red for that matter).  Outlandish skin coloring make a character instantly interesting to me... and the Orion Slave Girls were definitely no exception.  My memories of the Green-skinned Orion girls actually weren't about Vina's episode, but rather the one where Yvonne Craig played a short-haired Orion.  I was always a big Batgirl fan, so I recognized her almost instantly.  The Orion Slaves Girls were presented as alluring, seductive captives from Orion who "no human male could resist" - basically they were intergalactic harem bellydancers.  However, the twist is that these girls are actually in charge and using their alien pheromones to try to commandeer the Enterprise.  This toy is pretty great, but only if you can get very creative with your poses.  Standing upright, her articulation is awkward and distracting.  But once you get her in a good pose, it's just magical.  Let's check her out below!

Although I readily profess my love for green skin, it is extremely challenging trying to take decent pictures of an Orion.  All these photos have been tweaked, lightened, saturated, and contrasted.  Overall I'm happy with the images, but they ended up a bit grainy as a result of all the editing.  Sorry.

Her body is sculpted to strike dancing poses.  Standing upright just makes her look knock-kneed with a bad case of carpal tunnel.

Her (minimal) clothing is made from a really soft and flexible rubber that doesn't hinder the articulation at all.

Here are some images of Vina from the show.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is Vina with her 1996 Playmates counterpart.



  1. Definitely one of the best female Star Trek figures ever made!

    She is a figure who needs to be posed leaning against someone more sturdy in the display. Even attached to her base, she continued to tumble off my shelf.

    Some people weren't fans of the Art Asylum figures, but I found them to be the best Star Trek figures we had ever received. DST's taking over the line from Art Asylum was cool, but I didn't find their figures as nice sometimes.

    I wish Art Asylum had managed to include Troi & Beverly in their Nemesis assortment. They were using actual scans of the actors.

    Thanks Alex!

    1. She's amazing. Did you ever try using a tiny doll stand to hold her up? On Amazon they have these Kaiser stands for 3.75" figures and I sometimes have them gripping an upper thigh or a waist and I usually have good results. I'm always trying to avoid mass-topplings, and I find leaning always leads to that kind of disaster.

  2. After reading your review I run to find one. And you're right. She looks much better in real than pics.
    I think I got about 10 figures by now after your reviews. Thanx!

    1. Wow those are some majorly inspiring words. When I first found Action Girl's Guide to Female Figures (linked on one of my sidebars), it inspired me to hunt down so many action figures I had never considered (or known about) before. It really launched my hobby into new levels. I'm truly happy that I'm having the same effect on my readers. Thanks!