Friday, May 3, 2013

Gargoyles ELISA MAZA!

NYPD Detective Maza - Gargoyles Series 2 - Kenner 1996

Gargoyles is a very unique Disney property that still has a large fan following to this day.  The original animated series ran from 1994 to 1997 and introduced the world to the mythos of rival clans of Gargoyles waging war high in the night.  The characters were complex and the storylines were dark.  All in all it was very original and fun and really opened up new doors for the Disney crowd.  It's no surprise that the storylines were continued in comic book form years later (2006-2009) by SLG.  Elisa Maza was the main human protagonist of the series (kind of like April O'Neil now that I think about it).  She was a friend and ally to the peaceful Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles (and even a potential love interest for the Gargoyle leader, Goliath).  Another fun fact is that this character is part Native American, which is a demographic rarely seen in the action figure world (especially among females).  This toy is pretty cool, although I think the jetpack and uniform are inventions of Kenner.  Let's check her out!

Elisa comes with a winged jetpack/glider contraption, a rocket launcher that mounts on the back of that, and two oddly-shaped pistols that she can hold or holster on her thighs.

The wings are manually movable (no trigger or anything)

Here is an image of Elisa from the cartoon.  This is the outfit that she pretty much always wore, the blue uniform of the toy is a mystery to me.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Demona (I reviewed her last year), the only other female in the line.



  1. I still have Elisa stashed away somewhere. She was the only Gargoyles figure I bought, which is odd as I really did love the show.

    Soo many Star Trek actors appear too! Riker (Xanatos), Troi (Demona), Worf & Geordi from TNG all appear.

    1. Yeah I didn't realize Demona was Troi until I wrote a review of her back in October. I would love for this toyline to come back in some form, I'm kind of obsessed with the character designs. I posted screencaps of all the female characters in that demona review too. There's so much potential. I'm gearing up to do a series of Star Trek reviews in advance of the movie. I'll probably start with Troi since she's my favorite :)