Sunday, May 12, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation ALYSSA OGAWA!

Star Trek: TNG - Wave 5 - Nurse Ogawa - Chase Figure - DST/Art Asylum 2008

Nurse Alyssa Ogawa is a Star Trek character that I only have vague memories of.  She worked as an ensign under Beverly Crusher in the medical bay aboard the USS Enterprise.  (Eventually she became a Lieutenant and even took over Beverly's duties when she was unable to carry them out).  I remember seeing a later episode once where she was pregnant.  Pregnancy aboard the Enterprise was something I had never really given thought to before that, so the memory stuck (even though I'm sure there are many cases of procreation throughout the series).  This figure from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum was a chase figure in the last full wave of The Next Generation figures.  She has the same body as several previous females in Starfleet uniforms, but has a very unique smiling face that really makes her stand out from the rest.  The addition of Alyssa, along with Ro Laren, really made for a respectable number of females in this line.  Let's check her out in detail below!



Nurse Ogawa comes with a Medical Bag, a TriCorder, and two HypoSpray Injectors (only one shown here).  It should be noted that the strap of the Medical Bag is rigid and is formed to fit over her torso in a rather tight and inflexible way... I thought I was going to break it getting it onto her shoulder.

Here are some pics of Alyssa from the show.  The likeness is decent, but far from perfect.


Time for some Comparison Pics!



  1. Ogawa was one of the figures I was very thankful for. I loved every unique character DST gave us, those characters never made in plastic form before.

    It is amazing Playmates never made Ogawa in the 90's. They made everyone else!

    The prototype for Alyssa used the Deanna Troi body. The boobs were a bit big for Ogawa, but the hips & the height were a great fit. Ogawa needs to be quite a bit shorter than Beverly.

    Surprised I was when the figures finally hit & Ogawa was using the Beverly body! Chuck from DST said they decided she looked better on Bev's body (I strongly disagree). So I swapped Alyssa's head onto a Troi body & now I'm happy. lol

    Some fans weren't into, what they called, her 'Joker' smile. But in the few episodes where Alyssa actually had a bit to do, she often shot us a big toothy grin. I love the face sculpt.

    1. I checked out the prototypes and you're completely right, the Deanna body is the better choice for Ogawa. When you don't have a strong connection to the actresses being portrayed, these figures all look great. But then our inner perfectionist geeks always have to seek out the flaws. This blog is making me address likenesses a lot more than I normally would. I like the face a lot too. I don't think every single character has to look so solemn all the time.

  2. her face is truly terrifying. It's like she had a heavy dose of Joker gas...

    1. aww c'mon it's not THAT bad.. haha. She looks.. pleasantly and awkwardly amused.