Saturday, May 11, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation ENSIGN RO LAREN!

Star Trek: TNG - Wave 5 - Ro Laren - Previews Exclusive - DST/Art Asylum 2008
The Art Asylum / Diamond Select Star Trek series was amazing and produced a great array of characters across many different iterations of the Star Trek Universe.  I describe myself as a very casual Star Trek fan.  I have fond memories, but I've never been fully devoted to the property.  That said, I will admit that I have absolutely no idea who Ensign Ro Laren is.  I know she's a Bajoran crew member from The Next Generation.  And through some quick research I discovered that she was intended to be a crossover character into Deep Space 9, but was replaced by the newly created character, Kira Nerys.  Another thing I just noticed about this toy is that it is actually a very poor representation of the actress Michelle Forbes.  Michelle is young and gorgeous (and bears a strong resemblance to the character Jessica on Homeland, played by Morena Baccarin).  I always thought this figure was really unique looking and a great addition to my Star Trek collection, but compared to pictures I'm seeing of Ro Laren from the show, this figure looks way to old and strict.  Let's check her out below!


Before I get too far, here are some images of Ro Laren from the show.

Ro Laren came with 4 accessories.  A Phaser, a PADD, a Tricorder, and a Phaser Rifle.  My Tri-Corder is missing unfortunately.


Time for some Comparison Pics!

The female buck used in the later DST women like Ro were much taller than the earlier ones.



  1. It is a severe looking Ro! Though she was a rather serious character.

    I was really stoked DST managed to get out the 5th wave of TNG. It was delayed again & again. Must have been over a year before the wave actually hit...& Ro was really the only figure who came out unscathed. More on that in Nurse Ogawa's review!!

    1. That's the biggest perk about waiting until the line is kaput to start collecting. Yes, you may deal with some inflated prices, but you get to avoid all the stress of delays and the crazy anticipation hunting them down when they finally hit the shelves. ... But I can't completely avoid the hunt.. still waiting on Rand and Chapel after all ;)

  2. Huh, this is actually articulated and looks like the actress! Most TNG toy look terrible and barely resemble the cast....