Thursday, May 9, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation TASHA YAR!

Lieutenant Tasha Yar - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Series 1 - Galoob 1988
Lieutenant Tasha Yar was the Security Officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D for Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.    In the beginning, she seemed like she would be the lead female in the series.  She was strong, confident, and had a prominent role on the bridge.  Tasha is viewed as a groundbreaking female character who paved the way for future female officers, captains, and commanders in the sci-fi genre.  I think that's why Star Trek fans were shocked at Tasha's death near the end of Season 1.  Granted, she came back for a single episode in Season 3, then again for the series finale, it was still a major loss for a character who had a lot of interesting potential.  This Galoob line was the first incarnation of the Star Trek TNG characters in the toy aisles.  I have many memories of this figure hanging in the meager toy section of my local drug store (Rea & Derick) when I was a kid and really wanting her.  Twenty-some years later and she's mine!  The Playmates line that started in 1992 really blasted this smaller Galoob line out of the water, but they're still not to be overlooked.  Let's check her out below!


Tasha come with a Phaser sculpted directly onto her right hand and a separate Tricorder Analyzer.


Here are a couple pics of Tasha Yar from the show.

And here is a picture of who I always thought she was:  Chynna Phillips from Wilson Phillips! 
(Hey, I was a kid!)

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Wilson Phillips!! haha

    I first saw these toys at a Trek convention in 1995. I was excited to see a Tasha, then realised these were not Playmates figures & left them on the table. Many years later I did hunt down the set. Was sad they didn't get around to Beverly & Deanna.

    I believe Denise Crosby regretted leaving Trek. I was glad she came back a few times.

    1. I always get obsessed about toys I once ignored. It's a pretty consistent and frustrating phenomenon with me. Glad you finally hunted them down though! I loved that she came back as her own daughter :)