Friday, May 10, 2013


The "Captain's Woman" Marlena - SDCC Exclusive - DST/Art Asylum 2006

This figure may very well be the rarest of the Art Asylum/DST figures.  She was released as an exclusive at the 2006 San Diego ComicCon and unlike most convention exclusives (re-decos of already-released characters), Marlena was a first-time character and was very sought-after.  Marlena Moreau only appeared in a single episode in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series in 1967.  This is the famed episode Mirror, Mirror where an ion disturbance introduces us to an alternate reality where the Enterprise crew are evil (and sport bare midriffs and goatees).  During the episode, the displaced "good" Kirk finds Marlena in the evil Kirk's captain's chambers where he learns that she is the "Captain's Woman."  Her loyalties end up being with Kirk, and not so much to the evil tenets of the crew.  She becomes an ally to the good crew and helps them escape back to their own reality.  She was a memorable character for Star Trek fans and well deserving of an action figure.  Let's check her out below!


You can see my figure has a little tear at the slit of her skirt.  I've seen this on the Mirror Mirror Uhura figure too so I figure it might be a common thing.  The leg articulation creates a lot of strain on the soft rubber of the skirt.

Marlena came with a Phaser and a Communicator.  I got her loose (for an amazingly cheap price I might add), but alas, no accessories.  Here is an ebay pic showing them.

The only issue with this figure is that her head seems a little large for her body, but from some angles it's not too bad.

This is my favorite pose.  Everything looks proportional.

Okay, so this random, but I thought all these pictures above turned out horribly because on my camera viewfinder it looked like the black legs disappeared into the backdrop.  So I basically retook all the photos with a white backdrop.  But when I finally downloaded them, the black ones were better, although the white ones had merit too.  Since she's relatively hard to come by and I would like this blog to serve as an all-encompasing reference source, I'm posting all the white photos here, too.  Enjoy.


Here are a couple pics of Marlena from the show

Maybe her head isn't so big after all, it could just be gigantic hair.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Uhura (who I reviewed last year).




  1. She does have a big head! Not the greatest likeness to the actress, but not bad.

    The 9" Playmates version of Marlena wasn't bad either.

    I put my Mirror Mirror crew away years ago, but I hope the skirts are in one piece! Will have to check. Though I never tried to put them in any sitting poses.

    It would have been really nice to see some more original series women. DST tried to get out Nurse Chapel & Yoeman Rand many times, but retailers weren't interested. Maybe one day.

    1. I was going to review all the 9" Playmates ladies, but they fell through the cracks. The 9" Marlena is very nice (so is the Christine Chapel). The TOS ladies all have that extended-right-leg thing going on and it's just the wacky poses that stressed the rubber I think. I never had them in sitting positions either. I'm always scared of rubbery plastic rotting away while in storage. It's defintiely happened to me, but luckily not on anything super important to me.