Monday, May 27, 2013


Twist and Chop American Maid - The Tick - Series II - Bandai 1995

Happy Memorial Day!  I had a whole list of patriotic characters to potentially review today, but American Maid was the winner.  The Tick: The Animated Series introduced the mainstream world to a wonderfully wacky world  filled with puns and absurd heroes.  In reading the wikipedia page right now, I learned that The Tick was created as a comic store newsletter mascot in 1986.  New England Comics, the store chain he was created for, soon began publishing The Tick in his own comics and a legend was born.  A lot of the characters were parodies of popular Marvel and DC characters.  American Maid was no exception and is considered a blended parody of Captain America and Wonder Woman.  She was a reluctant ally of The Tick and initially preferred to fight crime alone -- with her weaponized high heels and tiara!  Plus she loved disguising herself to infiltrate the bad guys.  All-in-All, she was an amazing heroine.  Bandai's representation of her is pretty much perfect, too.  Let's check her out below!



American Maid has a "Twist and Chop" action feature.  Similar to a feature I've seen on old Super Powers figures, when you twist her at the waist, her right arm raises and lowers in a chopping motion.


Here are some images of her from the cartoon.


Time for a Comparison Pic!


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