Sunday, May 26, 2013

Impact Wrestling's GAIL KIM!

Deluxe Impact Wrestling Series 9 - Gail Kim - Jakks Pacific 2013

Wrestling figures have come a long way in the past few years.  I've talked before about the big shift happening when Mattel got the WWE license in 2010.  Suddenly Jakks Pacific had some serious competition, and all of us collectors reaped the benefits.  Jakks wrestling figures were nothing to scoff at before.  I'm sure wrestling fans were ecstatic at the quality, just like comics fans were on cloud nine during the first few years of Marvel Legends..  But for a casual collector of wrestling figures like I am, they just didn't have the Wow factor that makes be buy an unknown figure purely out of aesthetics.  Lately though, I'm totally into Jakks figures.  Gail Kim is the second Impact Wrestling lady I have reviewed and I suspect I'll be hunting down many more in future waves.  This figure isn't a fantastic representation of Gail, but it's pretty recognizable.  Plus it's always nice to get some ethnic diversity in the mix (I think I might have to skip the next blonde caucasian wrestler in protest).  Let's check her out below!


Gail shares identical articulation with Velvet Sky.  The sculpt is nearly identical except for the head and lower legs.

Time for a Comparison Pic!




  1. 10 freakin years it took for me to get my Gail Kim action figure! lol

    She was planned by Jakks back in her WWE days around 2004, but was fired & we never saw a figure. She went to TNA Impact around the time Jakks got that license, but once again left the company before a figure could be made.

    She hopped back to WWE, & Mattel were planning to make her after Alicia Fox. And again, Gail left before the figure could be made.

    Thankfully, she headed straight back to TNA & has stayed there.

    So...finally...after a decade of shattered hopes, I finally have my Gail Kim action figure!!

    Thanks for the review.

    1. No thank YOU for letting me know about her in the first place. Wrestling figures are a little off my radar and I usually just buy something if I happen to see it and it appeals to me. Only one of my local TRUs and 2 of my local KMarts carry Impact figures, and they happen to be in locations I don't frequent regularly. I found her a few weeks after my Velvet Sky review on a day where I proclaimed I would not buy any new toys for a month. Obviously I'm a weakling in the face of temptation :)