Thursday, June 13, 2013


Superman: Series 2 - Supergirl (Linda Danvers) - DC Direct 2003

This figure of Linda Danvers was the first collector's quality action figure of her on the market.  There were a few animated-style figures released previously that were aimed at the moms and kids, but this figure was the first to get the fans clamouring.  On a higher note, this entire Superman series by DC Direct was a real game changer in the collector's market.  The sculpting quality and articulation for all the figures were a vast improvement over the attractive-but-rigid-looking figures from the years before.    The Tim Bruckner sculpts also were suddenly much more realistic than his previous DC work.  (Supergirl also has James Shoop as an additional sculptor credit.. not sure how the roles were split).  This only critical thing I can say about this figure is that the standing pose goes so far to not look like the standard mannequin-styled figures that she ends up looking a little odd.  Overall though, this is a stunningly beautiful figure and a gem of my collection.  Let's check her out below!


Her skirt is more flexible than you would think from an early DC Direct figure.. which makes the poseability pretty great.


Here are some Comparison Pics with the 2006 Mattel DCSH version.


Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I've never seen this figure before; it looks like a pretty good Linda Danvers! The headsculpt reminds me a lot of JesuOtaku over on That Guy With The Glasses.

    1. Ha! you're right there is a major resemblance. I've never seen her before but I'm watching a review right now :)