Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DC Direct Infinite Crisis POWER GIRL!

Infinite Crisis: Series 1 - Power Girl - DC Direct 2006

For most of my comic-collecting life, Power Girl had no connection to Superman whatsoever.  Originally (pre-Crisis), Power Girl was introduced as the Earth-Two counterpart to Supergirl.  Power Girl was Kara Zor-L and Supergirl was Kara Zor-El.  With only a single letter E distinguishing the two origins, the characters developed into two very unique individuals.  Luckily the world-colliding Crisis on Infinite Earths 1985 storyline didn't completely wipe out Power Girl like it did with so many characters.  Instead, they changed her origins and made her the granddaughter of Arion (the Atlantean sorcerer).  It wasn't until 2005's Infinite Crisis that they restored her origins and let Supergirl and Power Girl coexist in the same world.    Power Girl has had a good amount of action figures made of her, but this figure from DC Direct is by far my favorite.  Her trademark exaggerated (ahem) features are balanced well with her muscular frame and overall strong presence - managing to avoid the cheesecake trap.  Let's check her out below!

I'm breaking in here to mention that I just got back from seeing Man of Steel (Yes, four days early.. thanks to Geekadelphia, my local resource for all things awesome).  It's such a good movie.  And really refreshing to have a Superman story not focused on Kryptonite (or Lex Luthor).  There were some really impressive ladies.  Faora-ul was amazing and got way more screen time than I was ever expecting (seriously, you see her a ton more than Zod).  Amy Adams was surprisingly good as Lois Lane.  I love her but wasn't sure I would like her in this role, but now I gladly eat my words.  One other thing I really appreciated about this movie was the obvious inspiration from more modern Superman storylines.  I saw pieces of Birthright and Secret Identity (among others) and I always love comics that show clear love for the characters, but choose to dive deeper... and apparently the screenwriters feel the same.  If I had to mention something I wasn't so impressed with, that would have to be the fact the some of the fight scenes were too long (and ridiculously destructive) and this Krypton is unlike any version I've seen or read about before.. if I had to describe it in a vague pop-culture way, I'd have to say: Avatar meets Matrix meets Prometheus.  It wasn't bad, just really really different from what I've come to expect.  Okay that's all.. back to the lovely Karen Starr!



Here are some images of Power Girl from over the years.  Her costume has stayed very consistent.

Her poseability is a little restricted to a stiff upright posture, but I'm perfectly happy with an at-attention stance.
This Power Girl headsculpt was re-used in the Power Girl as Nightwing figure from 2008.
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Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I believe the technical term is "dem thighs" :D Love how strong this Power Girl looks, in addition to a confident and beautiful headsculpt.

    1. I think she wins the prize for the strongest-looking woman in my entire collection. And I love the way that sculptor Jack Matthews achieved that look while retaining her femininity. Truly a remarkable figure.