Monday, June 10, 2013


DC Superheroes (Select Sculpt) Series 5 - Kara Zor-EL Supergirl - Mattel 2007

I just learned some interesting things about this figure.  It wasn't something I read or anything.  Rather, I learned that this figure was apparently produced in varying degrees of attractiveness.  Just this afternoon I found multiple images of this figure which look significantly better then mine, and even a few that were worse.  I don't feel that there are true variations in the sculpt, but rather that some figures seem to have a "smooshed" mold that makes her face look severe.  Also, the placement of her hairline varies from figure to figure creating a subtle but significant variation.  Mine is average.  From the front she looks good, but from any other angle she looks pretty goofy.  The DC Superheroes Select Sculpt Series was the direct precursor to DC Universe Classics.  The waves alternated between Superman and Batman-themed assortments.  This version of Supergirl was released later in the series and was showing up in discount stores like Ross without ever appearing in the big box stores.  Let's check her out below!

The Four Horsemen sculpting style and Mattel articulation has been consistently good even from these early days.

See?  From the front she looks pretty good.

But from the sides she starts to look a little odd.

Now here are some images I found online showing a much nicer face than mine.  In these pictures, her hairpiece is attached a fraction further back on her scalp and her brow line doesn't seem nearly as deep.  It's subtle but it makes a big difference.

These packaged pics show a similar variation.

This newly-introduced version of Kara first appeared in 2004 in the pages of Superman/Batman with art by the late Michael Turner.


This figure was re-issued in the 2010 DC Universe Classics - TRU Exclusive Kryptonite Chaos 2-Pack

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I have this one, and besides the Peter David era from DC direct is one of the best. But yes sideways looks like Kara just visit Madonna's plastic surgeon.

    1. A ton of early Four Horsemen women had faces that only looked good from the front. Thank goodness that's changed. The past few years have been relatively free of the "smoosh-face" look.