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DCSH (Select Sculpt) Series 2, 4 & 6 - Supergirl (Linda Danvers) - Mattel 2006-07

Supergirl has experienced a lot of reboots and reincarnations over the years.  One of the more far-fetched origin stories is that of the Linda Danvers version of Supergirl.  In a nutshell, Linda was a troubled youth who fell in with the wrong crowd and found herself in the awkwardly perilous situation of being sacrificed by an evil demon cult.  It was at this point that Matrix intervened.  Matrix is the curly-haired post-crisis Supergirl that held the mantle from the mid-eighties to mid-nineties.  Matrix was a synthetic being (who could shapeshift) created by a good Lex Luthor from another dimension.  Matrix tried to protect Linda from this sacrifice and instead merged with her and together they became the newest version of Supergirl (for the next ten years or so).  I wasn't a big fan of this Supergirl due to the lack of Kryptonian connections and her (non)costume.  I've never been a big fan of costumes that are composed of civilian clothes.  (Why can't my superheroes just be content to look ridiculously uncomfortable at all times!?) 

So I haven't been the biggest fan of Ms. Danvers.  However, in retrospect, I have a great appreciation for this Supergirl.  To me, she signifies a very transitory period in comics when the blending between gritty reality and fluffy superheroics were still trying to find a happy median.  Anyway, enough ranting, let's check out this figure!

This figure was originally released in DCSH Series 2 in 2007, and was re-released in the TRU Exclusive DC Universe vs Master of the Universe Classics Supergirl vs She-Ra 2-Pack in 2011.
(The Black-skirted "evil" variant was also released twice - details further down)

The face sculpt by Four Horsemen is actually quite nice.  Originally, I thought she looked too stern and old.. especially for a character who generally embodies youthful eagerness in the comics.  But now I really appreciate it as one of the first Four Horsemen figures with that DCUC look.

Here are a few images of Linda from the comics.

This sculpt of Supergirl was also released in a repainted "Dark Supergirl" or "Black-Suited Supergirl" version.  I honestly don't think this dark version is canonical, but rather a time-lapsed homage to the post-linda storylines where Kara Zor-El was exposed to Black Kryptonite and went bad for a few issues.  This repaint was released twice:  The first time in DCSH Series 4 (Orange Packaging) in 2006 and again in DCSH Series 6 (Purple Packaging) in 2007.

The paints apps on the faces vary a little.  The dark version has more mascara and the Blue-skirted version has more feathered eyebrows.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!


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