Friday, July 26, 2013


Martha Washington from Frank Miller's Give Me Liberty - Dark Horse Comics 1998

This figure is a very nostalgic one for me.  When I was in middle school in 1990, I was captivated by the first issue of Give Me Liberty by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons.  At the time, I was mostly reading Batman and GI Joe comics, so this was the first time a more mature comic ever caught my eye.  That pesky word "mature" plagued me for years though.  My local comic shop guy refused to sell me a copy.  But I was easily distracted and quickly moved on to other obsessions, until a friend of my brother got a copy and flaunted it before me.  It wasn't until years later when, under Dark Horse's Legend imprint, the sequel series Martha Washington Goes to War was published.  I finally got my taste of Martha's dystopian future of political evils and social uprising.  To be perfectly honest I wasn't a huge fan.  But that's mostly because my tastes had actually reverted to simpler superheroics and fantasy by that point.  A few years after that, this action figure was released commemorating her more grown up look in Martha Washington Goes to War.  As usual, I'm a man of delayed gratification and I never picked up this figure until a few years ago.

There are three variations of this figure.  My version is a crew-cut version.  There is also a bald version and a dreadlocks version (shown below).

Martha comes with a ton of weapons including a machine gun, a sword, an ammunition belt, a utility belt, and a little yellow belt.  The two variants of Martha come with different accessories as well.  All versions come with an exclusive MWGTW comic with a story entitled Logistics

Here are the variants (pics swiped from ebay)

Here are a bunch of comic covers.

And here are some shots of her stripped of all her accessories.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I don't know anything about Martha, but I've eyed this figure off a few times over the years. Love the look of her.

    She looks like she'd fit in well with the X-men!

    Love the bald variant too! Might have to pick her up.

    1. I especially love how the variants have different facial expressions. It adds some very cool variety.

      I can see her fitting in with an X-Men collection very well. Her bald head would look awesome customized as an XTinction Agenda Storm.. just white out her pupils :)

  2. She's not great, but I love all her accessories! I put the ammo bandolier on Deathstroke custom I did, and gave the bag to a Lois one.

    1. She does indeed have quite an impressive armory. I have her displayed fully suited up and she looks kind of crazy.