Sunday, July 28, 2013

DC Direct Brightest Day MERA!

Your Favorite Atlantean Queen - Mera - Brightest Day: Series 2 - DC Direct 2011

During all my years as a member on the now-defunct DC Message Boards, Mera was by far the most requested (ie.. begged and pleaded for) figure.  I'm actually still not sure if I've ever read a single story starring her character, but somehow I'm a fan.  This figure actually may be a large part of my fondness for the character.  She looks fantastic - a perfect rendition of the regal Queen of Atlantis and wife of Aquaman.  The Brightest Day storyline became an amazing opportunity for DC Direct to release all the heavily-demanded figures during the twilight of the company.  They finally created figures of Mera, Jade, Hawk, and Dove and released long overdue updates of Deadman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, and Aqualad.  And none of these figures were last-minute hodgepodge attempts to make their soon-to-be-abandoned fanbase happy.  No, these figures were pretty much perfect.  I feel like I'm always lamenting the loss of DC Direct, but I think it's undeniable that we'll never see a company producing quality products at this frequency ever again.  But alas, DC Collectibles is doing okay so far (if you like video games).  Let's check out Mera!

Mera come with her signature Trident and a figure stand with the Brightest Day logo.

The Karen Palinko sculpt is stunning.

Here are a handful of images of Mera from the comics.

She's not extremely poseable, but the range of motion in her neck gives more variety than you'd expect.  Her hands also don't grip her trident tightly, so it's kind of a balancing act trying to get it to stay in the position you want.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. She has a beautiful sculpt.

    I've heard people ask Scott from Mattel about Mera, but he responds that for the price of Mera they could make 6 other figures.

    Although they are tall, I have a couple of DC Direct figures in with my Mattel DCUC - Star Sapphire & Indigo 1. Would like to add Mera to that list. Talia Al Ghul & Arisia too.

    I noticed the name change from DC Direct to DC Collectibles, but I didn't know anything aside from the name was changing. I'll have to go have a read about that.

    1. Yeah I can imagine the scaling being expensive, but I wouldn't really want to see a version of her without it. Hopefully if we ever do see another Mera it would be a really old school version with the big collar. Because I don't really feel the need to replace this one.

      Well, at the same time as the name change from DCD to DCC, the company moved from NY to LA, they started focusing more on video games and statues, and the overall number of action figures plummeted. I believe the head of DCD left, too. So for all intents and purposes, one company ended and a new one began. I'm sure some would argue differently of course.

  2. This one is PERFECTION! I have the red lantern mera which is the same scultp but different colours and a few add ons. They are teo of my favourite pieces.

    1. You know, I was never a fan of the Red Lantern Mera figure. But just recently I've been thinking about how I should hunt her down. I remember seeing her in the stores and thinking her face looked really intense, but in retrospect she'd look pretty great displayed with this version. When/if I get her, I'll probably give her her own review and compare the two.