Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Funko POP! Masters of the Universe SHE-RA!

Funko POP! Television - Figure 06 - Masters of the Universe She-Ra - Funko 2013

She-Ra was the queen of the eighties.  Her cartoon series was the first time I (as a young boy) realized "girly" things could be cool.  Pastel colors and butterfly wings did not make these ladies any less formidable.  And the simple fact that her arch-nemesis, Hordak, was tougher than He-Man's Skeletor spoke volumes.  But despite her tough animated presence, her merchandising was unfortunately all girl.  Rooted hair, brushes, sparkles, perfumes.. no boy in his right mind would (outwardly) admit to wanting those things.  It wasn't until 25 years later that we got an action figure that finally stripped her of all that fluff.  I wish I was one of those collectors who didn't care about cloth outfits and rooted hair, but unfortunately I am.  Because of my pesky self-imposed restrictions, this Funko Pop Vinyl figure is a very welcome addition to my collection.  I've been a fan of the Pop style since I bought the Batgirl figure a few years ago.  The momentum of the line impresses me and I can't wait to see who else we'll get.  I have my fingers crossed for Jem.  Let's check out She-Ra below!

 I'm kind of obsessed with the graphic on the box... It's actually cuter than the figure itself.

My She-Ra figure has a tilted head.  I tried to straighten it, but it keeps bending back.  It's growing on me though.

There's really not a lot to say about these figures other than to show pictures and comment on their cuteness.  Oh yeah, she's articulated at the neck! (that's something, isn't it?)

Alrighty then, time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Awwww, she's soo cute! Haha

    I bought the Polly Pockets too. I wish they had made more of them. Another 3-pack with Teela, Sorceress & Evil-Lyn would have been cool.

    Hopefully we see She-Ra in the upcoming Mini Masters line too.

    1. I've wished for the exact same Polly Pocket He-Man set, too! It would be a shame if all we got were those original three POP girls.

      Of course I would LOVE to see some ladies in the mini-masters line, but bulky super-deformed figures like that rarely tranform well into female characters. I'll withhold judgement until I see a prototype.

  2. She was my first Funko Pop figure - bought her for $10 at Wizard World Philadelphia ComiCon this past summer! I had never seen her in the local stores that carry Funko Pop figures, and there weren't many at the vendor I bought her from. I was on the lookout for one that spoke to me, and she did just that! She's sitting on my computer desk, next to my Colonel Jack O'Neill Christmas ornament (yes, I'm a Stargate SG-1 fan) And yes, I NEED a Jem one!

    I'm actually thinking of picking up the Michael Bluth Funko Pop I found in the mall, since I would love to have "Little Jason Bateman" sitting on my computer desk too!

    1. Be very very careful, these Pops are seriously addictive. When I posted this review I only had two, but only a year and half later and I have twenty-three!

      Funny you mention Jem. No, she was never made by Funko, so I took the initiative and made my own. I actually made her a year ago but never painted her. You reminded me of this forgotten project. Now I'm setting a goal to have her painted and photographed by the end of the month - thanks! :)

      Have you see the ThunderCats Cheetara Pop? I have them next to each other on my shelf. I'd ideally want a whole "ladies of the eighties" collection

      If you're back near Philly again, Brave New Worlds on 2nd Street in the Old City section has the best Pop collection around. I'm rarely able to go to Philly cons because of scheduling conflicts, but I used to love WizardWorld.