Thursday, July 4, 2013


Mini-Mates, Playmobil, and Lego - Statues of Liberty - 2010, 2011 & 2012

Happy Independence Day!  I'm typing this far in advance because I will be celebrating the 4th high in the mountains with no cell phone reception and (most likely) no internet.  It will be nice to get away for a few days, but I've been planning to review these fabulous green ladies for months now and no mere holiday excursion will deter me now.  The Statue of Liberty is such a unique and timeless symbol.  Her image is so pervasive sometimes that it takes some little plastic toys like these to make me notice how cool she is.  The pale green of oxidized copper, the stern gaze, the Roman garb - everything about her is interesting.  I'm frankly shocked their aren't more figures of her.  Sure, you can find PVC figurines of every Looney Tunes character in the world dressed in the the green sash and spiked crown, but solid green, non-costumey representations like these are very rare.  Now I just need a Funko POP, a mini Mez-Itz, and a Kubrick (and the POTA set piece doesn't count).  Let's check these ladies out below!

First up is the Mini-mate from the Ghostbusters line...

Ghostbusters Toys R Us Exclusive - Series 4 - Possessed Janosz & Statue of Liberty
Diamond Select Toys 2010

Next up is the Lego Figure
LEGO Mini-Figures Blind Packs - Series 6
LEGO 2011

And finally we have the Playmobil figure...
Playmobil Fi?ures - Blind Bags - Series 3 - Lady Liberty
Playmobil 2012

Time for a Group Shot!
Happy 4th!


  1. Very cool! Hope your trip to the mountains was fun.

    I don't think I have the Lego Minifigures Liberty yet. I generally buy full sets of the Minifigures now...can't be bothered feeling up dozens of packets it store!

    The Minmates figure is very nice. I wish I had collected the Ghostbusters Minimates, but I never got around to it.

    The Playmobil version is cute! :-D

    1. The mountains were so great I stayed an extra day! The Lego figure is really easy to feel for because of her headpiece and skirt. I only buy a select few minifigs so I don't mind seeking them out in the stores. I never really collected the GB Minimates, but I picked up this pack years ago because I thought the Lady Libery figure was so cool. I regret not getting the rest now because the ebay prices of the sets I skipped are way too high. I love the playmobil figure, too, but I wish her coloring was toned down. She's almost neon compared to other Playmobils.

  2. I had to click this to see why there was a Minimates Lady Liberty. I have the other two. Anyway, thanks for the lead -- I guess I have about 6 months now to track one down. By the way, there is a Liberty Moshi Monster that you probably will want. And I've seen a Liberty Hello Kitty somewhere too.

    1. Yeah it's funny how certain movies lay claim to the Statue of Liberty imagery: Ghostbusters, Planet of the Apes, and even X-Men have had Liberty toys. I've seen the moshi before but not the kitty. I probably won't get them though because they aren't purely statues of liberty. You can find PVC figures of tons of character (Miss Piggy, Tweety Bird, etc) dressed in the iconic green garb - so many that it's actually overwhelming. I decided early on that I'd only get plain old statue toys, no "costumed" versions. It really limits me though. If I talk to the Funko guys at Toy Fair I'm going to suggest a POP figure. I think that would be really cool.