Friday, July 5, 2013

Sea Monkeys SISTER!

Sea Monkeys - Brother and Sister Action Figure Set - Majestic Studios 2004
My elusive magical family is complete!  I posted a review of the Sea Monkeys Mother figure back in January.  I mentioned back then how I found these figures to be some of the coolest, yet most elusive, figures I've encountered in my collecting career.  I was happy having the mother figure and never expected to get the rest at a reasonable price.  Then back in May I actually found them... in a store.  Yes, I found all three sets on the pegs of a small toy shop and paid standard retail prices for them.  I love when the unexpected happens in this hobby.  It's one thing to find a toy that you know is expected to be on the shelves, but finding these guys was like that feeling times ten.  For those unaware, these action figures are representations of the misrepresentations displayed on Sea Monkeys products and advertising from the early sixties until present day.  I was among the millions of kids who bought a Sea Monkey tank expecting to grow amazing creatures like in the ads, but was instead greeted with alien-looking little brine shrimp in murky water.  I'm always a sucker.  Let's check out Sister below!


Here are some of the ads that have been popping up in comic books over the years.


Time for some family portraits and Comparison Pics!



  1. Ha! Never thought I'd see THAT, but we do live in a Golden Age of action figures, no?

    1. Next I want the woman from the Whoopie Cushion graphic!