Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The I-Men Collection GRAVITY GIRL!

The I-Men Series - Adventure Superstars - Series 2 - Gravity Girl - Toynami 2002

I always thought this would be a weird little figure to review, but I'm extremely fond of her and I somehow doubt we'll ever see this character in plastic again.  From 1967-69, Hanna-Barbera produced an amazing cartoon segment called Birdman and the Galaxy Trio.  The half-hour segments consisted of two Birdman cartoons with a Galaxy Trio short in the middle.. each being between 6-8 minutes long.  I loved the Galaxy Trio.  The team consisted of three extra-terrestrial superheroes travelling through space and finding adventures - each of the three harnessing an elemental-type power which coincided with their names: Vapor Man, Meteor Man, and Gravity Girl.  The cartoons were simple, fun, and classic.  In the early 2000's, Toynami produced an amazing array of action figures based off some of my favorite properties of all time (ie.. Classic Silver Age Hanna-Barbera Super-Heroes).  I really wish we could've seen these characters in 6" scale, but these early block-figures are still great.  Let's check her out below!

Gravity Girl came packaged with her teammate, Meteor Man. 



 Her face may look a little odd and scrunched-up, but you should watch the clip posted below and you'll see how that look is surprisingly (although maybe unintentionally) accurate.

Her articulation consists of 7 ball joints, plus swivel wrists and waist.  All these figures also have pretty strong magnets on their feet so they can anchor to metal surfaces very sturdily.  They also each come with a metal coin bearing their likeness on one side and the I-Men logo on the other.  These coins can serve as a figure base as well because of the feet magnets.

Here are a bunch of images from the cartoon.




And here is a clip of their debut episode: Revolt of the Robots

Time for a Group and Comparison Shot!

Here she is with her teammates, Vapor Man and Meteor Man.  I love their "I, II, III" motif.



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