Monday, July 22, 2013

The Venture Bros 3.75" DR MRS THE MONARCH!

Adult Swim's The Venture Bros - Dr. Mrs. The Monarch - Bif Bang Pow! 2013
I only started watching The Venture Bros very recently and I have a lot of catching up to do (Season 5 just began in June).  One key factoid that would have had me tuning in from the start is that this show's creator (Jackson Publick) was a primary writer for The Tick.  Also, Ben Edlund, creator of The Tick, has been a contributor to the show.  The best way to describe The Venture Bros is as a spoof of Jonny Quest, mixed with the absurdity of The Tick, and the amusing inappropriateness of Drawn Together.  Dr. Mrs. The Monarch has had a variety of names.  The Butterfly-themed costume associated with her current moniker didn't appear until Season 3.  Before that she was known as Sheila, Doctor Girlfriend, Lady Au Pair, and Queen Etheria.. with interesting looks tied to each codename.  Her overall look is heavily inspired by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, but with the exaggerated low male voice of a New York gangster (voiced by Doc Hammer).  Very amusing.  Let's check this figure out in detail below!


Her Butterfly wings are made from a translucent flexible plastic.  
They are fairly soft, but still rigid enough to help support her standing up.

She has 10 points of articulation which allows for a lot of basic poses, but the straight-forward pose allows for the best balance.

You can see that my figure has some mould scars (on her cheek and jaw).  I noticed that a lot of these figures had similar marks.  Luckily they're not too noticable unless you're inspecting them closely.

Here are some images of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from the cartoon.



Here she is as Lady Au Pair

Here she is as Queen Etheria

And finally here she is as Doctor Girlfriend

And here's a little video clip of her debuting the Monarch costume.  Love her voice.

Time for a Comparison Shot!



  1. Love Dr. Girlfriend!

    She has very long arms, but overall a very nice sculpt for such a small figure.

    Keep meaning to hunt down the funky 8" Mego style version in the pink dress. This 4" one would be great too.

    It didn't seem like the little figures were going to make it out at all. They released Brock Samson first as an SDCC exclusive last year. Then they released a regular Brock. After that I believe it was Hank & Dean.

    From memory Bif Bang Pow said they were going to release 1 figure at at time & see how they sold. Thankfully the Brock/Hank/Dean figures must have sold well enough to convince them to release the whole first wave.

    Hopefully this line has a long & healthy life. The Mego style line seems to be continuing too. They also made Molotov in 8", would love to see her in 4".

    1. Ha. I never noticed her crazy arms. Now i'm never going to be able to NOT see them. Yeah I feel like we've been seeing these prototypes for a longgg time. I meant to research when they were first shown before I wrote this review but it slipped my mind. Molotov would be scandalous but awesome.

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