Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vintage Goodness: HOT LIPS HOULIHAN!

M*A*S*H - 3.75" Action Figures - Major "Hot Lips" Houlihan - Tristar 1982

M*A*S*H was an unavoidable part of growing up in the early eighties without cable (or Satellite Dish as it was back then).  The show ran from 1972 to 1983 and its finale became the most watched television episode of all time.  Early on in the show's career, there was a series of Mego-type dolls released for the show, but it wasn't until many years later that Tristar jumped on the fledgling 3.75" figure bandwagon and released this series, just a year before the long-running show concluded.  Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan was the primary female character on the show throughout its run, so luckily she was a shoe-in for inclusion in the toy line.  The character was played by Loretta Swit (who I actually met once!)  The likeness is actually very good for an early-80s figure in this scale.  Of course, I think it's a little odd that they made figures of television shows like this in the first place, but I think it's great that classic TV culture can be represented in my collection.  Let's check out Hot Lips below!

Her Poseability is very good, however I think her legs are actually different lengths which creates some balancing issues.  Her crotch piece and leg articulation is pretty unique, but functions just like a GI Joe.

Here are some pictures of Loretta Swit as Hot Lips.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Hot Lips is a pretty cool looking figure for the era.

    I have considered buying the MASH line a few times over the years but never pulled the trigger. It was quite an expansive line with all the vehicles & a funky playset.

    I wonder if kids playing with these also reenacted the crazy banter between the doctors! haha

    1. I especially love how this line included a figure of Klinger in drag. That would be an amazingly quirky sub-collection though (characters in drag). I can think of a few others.. hmm.

      I'll bet the parents loved the kids playing flirty doctor games. haha. (I'm equally mystified by the love boat toys)