Friday, August 16, 2013

Character Spotlight on LADY SIF!

The Plastic History of Thor's Main Squeeze - Hasbro, DST, Eaglemoss, NECA

Lady Sif was first introduced in a 1964 issue of Journey Into Mystery as a love interest of Thor.  To my eyes, she never quite fit the image of the golden-haired Norse Goddess she is named after, but I actually just learned that early on, Loki had cut off her blonde hair and replaced it with black enchanted hair made by the dwarves.  I'm glad for this because a third blonde Asgardian (Valkyrie & Enchantress being the first two) would be a tad too much.  The 2011 Marvel film, Thor, featured Jaimie Alexander as Sif and really gave her a huge popularity boost.  Although the role in the film failed to highlight her feisty personality, she still came across as tough and formidable.  Since that movie, there's been an explosion of merchandise dedicated to this character. Before the first movie figure in 2010, there was nothing.  But now I have a small collection of Sif toys, with many in her classic look (which I love).   Hopefully we'll see more Sif love when Thor: The Dark World comes out.  I have hope.  Let's check out her figures so far!

I'll start out with the only true Action Figure of the bunch...

Thor: The Mighty Avenger - Staff Strike Sif
Basic Movie Figures #16 - Hasbro 2010

Her face is a little blank, but I've seen worse.

Sif comes with two weapons: a Staff and a Sword.  They are both very stylized and totally look like they belong to this character.  However, I feel like they are too thick for the scale of this figure.  They should be smaller and less flexible.

Next up is the first of two awesome Minimates...

Thor: Stormbreaker - Mini-Mates Boxset
SDCC AFX Exclusive - DST/Art Asylum 2011

Next up is the obligatory Movie Mini-Mate...

Thor: The Mighty Avenger - Lady Sif & Volstagg 2-Pack
TRU Exclusive Thor Movie Collection - DST/Art Asylum 2011

Next up we have a collectible lead figurine...

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #179 - Lady Sif

Eaglemoss Publications 2012

Here is the first of two Heroclix game pieces...

Heroclix: Hammer of Thor #33 - Sif
Marvel Heroclix - NECA 2011

and the second one...

Heroclix: Avengers Movie #12 - Sif
Marvel Heroclix - NECA 2012

Next we have my favorite piece of the collection...

Thor: The Mighty Avenger - Battle in the Frozen Land Boxset
Marvel Super Hero Squad - Hasbro 2011

(added December 2014)

Marvel Pop! - Thor: The Dark World - Lady Sif
Funko 2014

Time for a Group Shot!

I'll leave with you an assortment of Sif images - from comics, animation, and the movie itself.

Her starring role in the recent issues of Journey Into Mystery has been consistently good.  I highly suggest picking up some of these issues if you haven't already.



  1. Awesome Alex!!

    I had thought the Thor movie wave with Sif was cancelled, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her in someones collection pics.

    Hopefully she gets a figure with the new Thor movie. A comic figure would be sweet in Marvel Legends.

    1. I have actually never seen the Sif figure in a store. I got her on ebay for like $12.. no crazy prices or anything. At one point I had two and sold one. The closest I ever came to finding her in a store was in a Rite-Aid, they had the rest of the figures in her group (number-wise) and her photo was on the cardback. I hit up every Rite-Aid I could find but no luck.

      I would love to see her in a larger format like Marvel Legends or Select. She seems like the type of character that Bowen will make a statue of someday, too.