Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Panther Prowl CATWOMAN!

Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight - Series 2 -Catwoman - Kenner 1997
Of all the 1990's Batman lines to come out of Mattel, Hasbro, and Kenner, I think Legends of the Dark Knight is most definitely my least favorite.  I can only assume that Kenner was trying to bank off the successful styles of McFarlane Toys and Moore Action Collectibles.  However, the lanky bodies, sinewy muscles, Liefeld-esque poses and overall elseworldiness of these figures did not go over well with fans.  Luckily the next few attempts were good ones (Including Total Justice and JLA).  There were two women released in the LOTDK lines:  Batgirl and Panther Prowl Catwoman.  The Batgirl is horrendous in my opinion.  She looks like something out of Devilman (not that I have anything against Mr. Nagai, but it doesn't didn't work with Babs).  Catwoman is much better, but still pretty iffy.  I put this figure in the same category as the Halle Berry version.  I don't totally reject her, but she gets a spot in the back row.  Let's check her out below!

Note the hole in her lower back, it comes into play later down this review.

Her skin is a very pasty color and most of her facepaint is smaller than its sculpted margins.  It would be interesting to see what a simple touchup could do to this figure.

The only personal accessory Catwoman comes with is a whip.

This can be used as an actual whip or anchored in her back as a tail.


Her other accessories consist of a 5-piece Panthor Armor suit

I don't know if she reminds me more of Ripley in her Power Loader suit or some late nineties Masamune Shirow pinup.


I didn't realize until I was posting this review that the armor is also meant to be used as a stand-alone robotic Panther.  See the image at the top of the cardback:


This figure also came in an alternate color scheme as an exclusive for ToyFare magazine.  This repaint has a might brighter gold and more violet purple than the standard release.  The armor on the standard release is almost copper in comparison.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Very cool that you featured her! The Legends of the Dark Knight were so very 90s, but it marks an interesting early foray by Kenner into more collector-aimed figures with the emergence of companies like McFarlane Toys. I bought her loose, unfortunately without her tail/whip. I did a straight repaint of her, which was one of my first customs:

    1. I'm really loving highlighting older figures and modern figures regularly. The toy world has come such a long way in such a short time and every little stage along the way has been important.

      Your custom is really nice. I was considering doing her in a gray catsuit like she wore in the late 80s and early 90s, but I have way too many projects in the pipes before I'll ever get to her.

    2. This is my favorite Cat Woman made. She is far better in the Toyfare repaint. They say only 25 made of that set she was part of!

    3. The Toyfare one is actually more of an ivory than a gold.

    4. Wow only 25?! That's pretty crazy. I can see how the color is actually more Ivory. I've only seen her in photos so the kind of look the same.

    5. I was lucky enough to find her in my hometown flea market on card for some obscene price ($9 bucks). I did not find any of the dudes to the set of four, only her.

  2. I had this toy for ages, love her panther exo-skeleton.