Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dark Knight Rises Exclusive Blu-Ray CATWOMAN!

Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Blu-Ray Figurine - 2012
This exclusive figurine took me by surprise when I discovered it in April of 2013.  It was released 5 months prior and had since sold out on (apparently it was a limited edition of 1000) and it took me a while to acquire one on eBay that wasn't overpriced.  This 4" figurine also came with Bane and Batman figures in the same exclusive combo.  Unlike other DVD/Blu-Ray figurines, these guys were polybagged in little plastic trays and included separately from a regular edition Blu-Ray (is.. no special window packaging and definitely no display potential.. especially since the polybags have black printing on them).  There were other Blu-Ray and DVD exclusive releases that featured either Bane or Batman (or both) in nice display boxes, but as far as I can tell, WBShop offered the only Catwoman.  Surprisingly, this Selina is actually articulated at the shoulders.. I'm pretty sure that's a rarity for newer (ie - post Infinite Heroes) DVD figures.  She's a great little addition to my DKR Catwoman shelf - and possibly the last since I got the Play Arts Kai figure a few weeks ago.  Let's check her out below!

Above is the promotional image used on  It's not surprising that they didn't try to use an actual packaged photo because what you actually received was three bagged figures (as seen below) included loose in your shipping box.


Full disclosure on her size:  Batman and Bane are 4", but Catwoman measures in at 3.75"

She is articulated at the shoulders.  There's not much you can do with that, but it's nice to not be so extremely static.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is DKR Catwoman with the Best Buy Figurine from the Batman: Year One Blu-Ray.
(I'm upset that this pic is blurry.  I'll try to retake it and replace it)


Here are all three figures from the WBShop Exclusive Set.  Again, blurry.  I apologize.  But I already sold the other two so I'm stuck with this photo)

From Left to Right:  Mattel 4" Target Exclusive Catwoman, DKR Blu-Ray Catwoman, Mattel Movie Masters Catwoman, and the Jakks Pacific Catwoman figurine.


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