Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marvel Legends MOONSTONE!

SDCC Thunderbolts Boxset - Marvel Legends - Moonstone - Hasbro 2013

I admit I've never read a single story with Moonstone in it.   The first time I was made aware of the character was when I saw her Minimate in Toys R Us and I thought she must be Marvel's take on Power Girl but with very discolored cleavage.  Since then, I've read a lot about her and I've come to really appreciate her design.  The Thunderbolts are basically Marvel's version of the Suicide Squad:  ie villains playing superhero instead of doing time.  And despite her angelic looking costume, Moonstone has quite the villainous past.  The true reason why I got this figure though is because she sports the new female buck for the Marvel Legends line, and I must say I am very impressed.  In my opinion this new body is right up there with MOTUC and WWE ladies.  Marvel Legends has a history of producing awful female bodies; too skinny, awkward breasts, gangly-looking joints, but this lovely lady is close to perfect.  I'm really excited for future Hasbro figures now.  Unfortunately I know that most of the upcoming females are still using the old body (a mystery to me).  Alas, let's check her out in detail below!

The Thunderbolts SDCC Exclusive boxset included 5 members of the team in a box designed to look like Thunderbolts Tower.

Included are Satanna, Ghost, Crossbones, Luke Cage, and Moonstone


The only odd thing about the new buck is that her upper thighs are really muscular.  It works well for this character, but I can imagine her legs looking out of place on a skinnier or younger character.

I didn't realize that a moonstone was a real gemstone.  I don't know if this was always intended in the comics or not, but her costume has a pearlescent (and somewhat iridescent) sheen that mimics the gemstone.  Her body is actually cast in a very unique pearly plastic.  It looks fantastic.

She is amazingly poseable.  Plus there's a heaviness to this figure which lets her stand nicely on her own.

Here are some images of Moonstone from the comics.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Opened up my Thunderbolts set yesterday. Moonstone is definitely my favourite of the bunch. Had heaps of fun posing her...just wish I had a flying stand to use.

    The new body is great. Hasbro really are trying to get out better looking figures. The faces have come a long way from the Emma Frost they made way back in their first years of Marvel.

    Happy to see we have Songbird coming for this group as well.

    1. Unfortunately I think the Songbird figure looks dreadful. Same with the upcoming Emma, Rogue, and Jean Grey figures. Maybe I'll be impressed when I see them in person, but I don't have high hopes.

      The two Marvel characters I would love to see more than anything in the Legends line are Firestar and Polaris. But up until this new buck I've never voiced those desires, because I honestly wouldn't have been satisfied with the results on the previous bodies. Now I say bring 'em on! A Hellcat would be cool, too. And a new Scarlet Witch :) Hasbro has really made me excited about future figures. Now we just need Mattel to tweak the DC buck and all will be good.

  2. The augmented articulation scheme for Marvel Legends women kind of reminds me of what Mattel does with their WWE divas, particularly the thigh joint.

    1. Good observation! I definitely agree with you. The next figure I review with this body (Black cat?) will have comparison with the WWE buck. I think the WWE Mattel bucks are amazing and it would be great if all toy lines would be inspired by them.